Monday, December 28, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Packing Nightmare

Every time I go on a trip or to camp or something, the thing that I procrastinate about and put off the most is the one thing that I absolutely have to do.


It takes me forever because I have to have enough room and I don't want my bag to be overflowing with clothes I really don't need to take. So I arrange and rearrange everything a few times until that feeling of satisfaction comes around.

Then I rearrange again.

 So today was the day. I sat around a long time looking at my bag and my closet, but I am DONE! (With the clothes.) I still have to get sheets and blankets and towels and shampoo and that stuff together. But I guess I'll save that fun task for tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just My Luck...

   Well, we got out of school on Thursday!! And it would be nice to chill for once but of course, I have walking pneumonia! Which just continues my neverending tradition of getting sick or having something go wrong over a break from school. Landon and I went to the ER on Friday night around 10, put on our matching hospital gowns and sat there and waited in the rooms (seperated by a curtain) next to eachother. He had already been on medication for it for a week, but since it wasn't going away, Mom dragged him along to the hospital too. we both had x-rays and I was declared to have the same thing he did.
   Yesterday was the worst because I felt like crap!! I slept from 12 am to 1 pm and only got up once to eat dinner. Everything hurt from my head to my legs and I just spent most of the time taking light naps. So I basically spent my whole day in bed.
 I have been on my meds for two days and I am starting to feel a lot better! Which is great because I'm leaving the day after Christmas for a semi-family reunion in North Carolina. We're renting a condo next to my uncle's right on the beach, and though it will be too cold for swimming or laying in the sun, just being near the beach is enough for me!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The crazed shoppers are out, there are idiotic drivers, bumper-to-bumper traffic, people fighting over the last Tickle-Me-Elmos, people spending what little they have so that their bratty kids can have that new gaming system, and stores are all marking up some prices to get the most out of this month.

That's right. It's the season of love, giving, and happiness once again.

Now, I might have overexaggerated a little, but people do get overcome with the holiday craze. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet! It is such a pain to go out to Turkey Creek and be forced into the mix with thousands of people looking for present to give as well.

The kind of shoppers that annoy me the most are those 'I-better-stock-my-cart-with-all-the-toys-in-the-toy-aisle-before-someone-else-does' moms. They have boxes and boxes of toys stacked up in their cart and take an hour to check out! And you know exactly who I'm talking about.

Personally, I LOVE Christmas. Everyone is 10 times happier in the month of December than any other month. There's just something magical about the feeling of Christmas.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some of My Graphic Design Projects

Once again, I am left with nothing to do in visual communications... enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yeah, yeah I know. I haven't been on here in a while. It's probably been over a month!! Sadly, this is definitely the sign that high school is getting to me. I come home, take a nap or just lay around, and then I do homework for 3 hours, then dinner, then sleep. It's pretty sad.
 But today and for the rest of the week, I am OUT of school to do as I wish. So this morning, I took Sam over on the greenway, where we met up with Hannah and Halley and we all walked to Dunkin Donuts. It was a lot of fun! And of course there was a twist. Their neighbor's dog followed them out of the neighborhood and then followed us all the way to Dunkin, but me, being the resourceful person that I am, found some rope around a tree and tied it around the dog's collar. It was one of the weirdest dogs I have ever seen, because it like walked sideways. It was probably skitzophrenic or hallucinating because it walked around like it was looking for someone who was following him. Anyway, that was just weird.

We're not doing anything for Thanksgiving, as usual. But it's a very pretty day here, so I think I'm going to enjoy the weather!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Missing Piece

I had a very sad yet interesting experience on Sunday. Don't worry, no one died. We went up to visit my grandma a few days ago, and during that time, Dad and Landon decided to go golfing. Let me get something straight right now- I ABSOLUTELY HATE GOLF. Almost with a passion. I just don't get the fun of swinging a club and trying to hit the ball into a tiny hole. It is SO boring and SUCH a waste of time. Just playing 9 holes took days!! (ok, 2 hours...)

Anyway, the course was basically against the mountains, and I had my phone, mp3 player, and camera with me for entertainment. I was excited because I was going to get some great shots of the fall leaves and everything. And as weird as it sounds, I was walking along before tee time and saw the most beautiful squirell I have ever seen. It had a really thick coat and a really full chestnut tail. I whipped out my camera to snap a picture when to my disappointment, I was out of memory. There was no way!! I had tons of space on the memory card.

 And then bad thing #1 happened...

I realized that I had left my memory card in the computer.

I had just taken off pictures from Halloween and it was still in the slot. Which means that I was at the mercy of my camera's internal memory... which is four pictures. Needless to say, the gorgeous squirell disappeared.

I shoved the camera back into my pocket and got in the cart.

The 2 hour ride wasn't too bad. My brother gave me some scares with his crazy cart driving, but I had Taylor Swift blocking out all other sound, which for the most part was quite fun. After they finished playing, I went and sat in the car while they got their clubs. I reached for my phone to see what time it was and then...

Extremely, horribly bad thing #2 happened..

My phone...was gone.

Not the kind of "Oh I just misplaced my phone" kind of gone, beause I never do that. When I say gone, I mean gone. And in this case, it was the my-phone-got-rocked-out-of-my-pocket-and-is-now-somewhere-on-the-course kind of gone. I charged out of the car and toward my brother in the cart.

We ended up searching for that phone for an hour or so, retracing and retracing our tracks until it was no use anymore.

That was three days ago, and no one ever found my phone. So tonight, I got on my phone insurance website (yes, I suggest you insure your phone) and I'll be getting a new one sometime tomorrow. Of course, this is great, but I lost all of my contacts.

And the entirely ironic thing about this is that I went up with them to see a certain person.. well, people... and they weren't there. I missed discipleship, lost my phone, and got home too late to do my homework for almost nothing. It was good to see my grandmother again though!

Try to imagine losing your phone for good, losing all of your contacts, AND then going without your precious cell phone for 3 or 4 days. At first, it was like I was just missing a piece of the puzzle that is myself, but after a few days, the only thing that really sucked about not having it was being at the mercy of using other people's phones to secure a ride or find out what was going on. From this terrible happening, I discovered that I did not need my phone as much as I really thought, and I am definitely going to buy a grippy cover so it doesn't fall out.


I got a new phone- same kind!! YES!!
I learned to keep my phone in a different pocket.
I learned that phones are a privelidge.
I learned to always buy insurance. With it, the phone was only $50.

I lost all of my contacts.
I had to learn all of the above lessons the hard way.

:) Have a great day!!  :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Time

It's come again already. As I was sitting outside, carving my pumpkin, I thought to myself how quickly the year has passed. It's almost November!

This Halloween, Olivia and I are going trick-or-treating like 6 year olds would. Once you hit 12 or 13, the neighbors start rolling their eyes as they dump a lollipop into your pillowcase, mutter "Happy Halloween", and then slam the door in your face. I wouldn't be going this year, but Olivia wants to so I guess I'll be wandering around the neighborhood with her after dark.
Of course, I haven't even thought about a costume.

Friday night from 10-12, I'll be at a lock in sort of thing at church. Then Saturday I have football practice (more info below), then I'll be volunteering at the fall festival (aka safe trick-or-treating festival at church), then we're going out to get candy and stuff from the neighbors.

Ok, football practice. The high school youth group has a Turkey Bowl in Novemeber, which is grade level vs grade level girls' only football tournament. So we're having practice on Saturday. I hope we dominate the upper classmen, and honestly, the seniors won't be a problem because I've heard that they suck!

Me and my best friend at the haunted corn maze

my pumpkin! how cool are the teeth?!?!?

Oh, and I made this awesome video on JibJab. Happy Halloween from my family!

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Sam- Mad Professor
Landon- Frankenstein
Dad- Werewolf
Mom- Dancing lady
Me- Vampire (and don't even think i am making a reference to twilight.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Monster Mash

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I created this wonderful entertainment on JibJab!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tech Week

I am now on the crew of the one act play Trophies. We are going to a competition with it on Friday, which means I'll be missing school for the whole day. The bad part is that our call time is at 7:45 in Cookeville, which is also inn a different time zone, so it's 6:45 our time. The drive is 90 minutes. So we'll be leaving around 5 am. Which means getting up at 4:30 at least... But it will be ok. We won't get back until 7:00 pm, so no biology test for meeee!!! If we win or place highly in this competition, we move on to state!!!

Despite almost meeting my demise on Monday, tech week has been a lot of fun and a lot of work! How did I almost die? What is tech week?

Tech week is the entire week before competition during which the crew practices setup and take down 300 million times. I have the glamorous job of moving a couch to and fro, as well as putting a table in place and then setting the telephone on it and a glass. Oh yeah, and I have the degrading freshie job of being a sitter- which means we have to stand (not sit) for the 45 minute entirety of the play BEHIND the set, just to make sure nothing bad happens (such as a wall falling over and crushing our beloved senior actors and actresses.) All of the sitters are freshmen because that's the way it is. NO ONE else wants this job.  Personally,  I don't really mind!
I almost died on Monday because one of the flats (aka walls) was not clamped or bolted. Michael was walking through and he tripped on it, sending it off balance and falling on me. Lucky for me and my intelligence, the wall was not yet complete and therefore looked like a grid, so it had empty spaces. My head went through one of them thankfully, but the rest of the flat crashed down on my shoulder. Not very fun.... But everyone knows my name now!!
I am really enjoying this experience! I get to bond with some of the most amazing upperclassmen during rehearsels and yesterday, when we finished most of the painting.
I am happy to report that today I stood up from about 7:30 am to 8:45 pm. I feel the burn! Just kidding, I'm not that fat.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am laying in my bed with Angel curled up beside me. Sam and Mom have decided to take on the task of moving his room downstairs. Which means all of his crap is getting cleaned up and then moved downstairs. And then we have to lug everything else up here from down there. Basically the whole transformation is going to result in his room down there and a bonus room up here. Which will be pretty sweet.
 Day 1 of fall break has basically been extra sleep (yes!!) and cleaning (no!!). But I did my share by cleaning the kitchen so I'm good.

Last night, Olivia and I had an interesting expereience after church. We had to go meet her mom in the main building (we were in the student building) and I had the bright idea of going around the back of the building for a change. The back side of the church is in the process of being completed. There they are almost done with the new CCS (the church's school). There aren't any lights back there...

As we were walking, we got to the end of the sidewalk where they are trying to grow grass. All of a sudden, Olivia grabs my arm and says


Me- "What??"

Olivia- "Do. You. See. That???"

I looked over where she was pointing.

Me- "That pipe?"

Olivia- "No!!!"

It was black, but I couldn't really tell what it was.

Me- "Is that a cat? Oh it's nothing...  come on..."''

All of a sudden, I saw it move.

Olivia- "IT JUST MOVED!!!"

Then I saw two evil, beady eyes. I then saw a white stripe down the middle of the black creature. It was then that I realized what it was.

Me- OH MY GOSH!!!! IT'S A SKUNK!!! RUN!!!!!

We took off running and screaming and laughing in the opposite direction and didn't stop until we were at least 150 yards from it.

Needless to say, I am very glad that I did not spend the rest of my night in a bath of tomato juice.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Better Hope You're Not Alone

I love Jack Johnson. Name ring a bell? He is an amazing artist who usually does everything in acoustic. A few of his great songs include Sleep Through the Static and Hope.
In the song Hope, he talks about how you don't always have to hold your head above your heart. And if you do, you better hope you're not alone. The thing about this is pretty cool.

** DISCLAIMER: I am about to think this through way too much, overanalyze, and use metaphors as well as logical and in depth thinking**

Of course, if you were scared of that, you would have quit reading this thing a lonnnng time ago!

So this is true. You have to let your emotional guards down sometimes. I have had major problems with this! This is what leads to my relationship issues- I have to get out of my initial comfort zone to really be myself and be transparent. But when I'm in a group like discipleship/small groups at church when we start discussing things, I open up because I actually feel like they care what my opinions and certain experiences are.
So what's wrong with putting your head above your heart? Sometimes you just have to go with what your heart says despite everything else that your head is telling you.
It isn't always a bad thing. Putting your heart over your head can always lead to you getting hurt too, sometimes worse. You need to keep it half and half. A steady balance is the only thing that will keep you from sinking in anything you do.

Ok, enough with the metaphors.

So it's FALL BREAK! Notice I only put one '!' because it isn't that exciting. Last year, we had a whole weeeeeeeeeek for fall break. What did we get for this? 7 more days of summer. Big deal. Seriously, I would much rather have a week of fall break rather than extra time to get sunburnt. They also took out a bunch of inservice days, whch means we don't get those random little surprises of having a 3 day weekend b/c they gave us Monday off for teacher planning.
What am I doing this fall break? I don't know, but I've heard Pigeon Forge and/or Gatlinburg in the works. Let's do something!

Geez I am starting to feel like a reporter... which is really what I am considering I report my life to you readers haha.

In other news...
If I haven't already posted this, I am applying for a job as a camp counseler this summer. I went to this Christian (baptist) camp when I was little, and I saw something this year that sparked my interest once again. I desperately need money for a car in a few years, and I need a job. I really love working with the kids and getting the chance to be a spiritual leader to them is something I'm going to shoot for! I actually do have a ton of experience with all of my volunteering I've done i the past few years:

1) Volunteering @ Webb Drama Camp for 2 years, working w/ ages 6-13
2 )Volunteering @ GSMC Boy Scout Camp working in the "Tag alongs" (the kids that the workers need care for) ages 2-7
3) Volunteering @ STAR- 1 yr- which gave me experience working with the horses and the great kids with mental and physical disabilities ages 4-18
4) Volunteering now at church in the Children's Miinistry working as a co- teacher and helping hand.

I just got the last volunteer job last week, and I start on Sunday. YES!!!
I am so ready to make a difference in these kids' lives and try to set a Christ like example for them to follow. And someone to look up to for the right reasons. And someone who truly loves them and wants to make them better. And someone who they can always go to whenever and for whatever. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!! (Notice I put a lot of '!'s becaise I am very excited)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Memory Bank

Write down random memories you've had by age or year, then tag all of the friends in it. You'll be surprised!!

Alrighty then...

Age 1- Ok, I've definitely got nothing here

Age 2- Or here

Age 3 or 4- BAM! Vacation to Hilton Head, we rented a house with a pool out back with my 2 uncles and aunt. The house had a slanted roof and a blue turquoise leather couch. Sam and Luke were in diapers and a huge hurricane blew through and ruined our fun in the nonexistent sun. My uncles went out and caught a bunch of blue crabs, which they then cooked and we ate of course.
Feeding the ducks, going to the library

Age 5- I almost died in a plane crash on my way to DISNEY WORLD. How ironic is that? The airplane had a really rough landing and almost went off the runway due to communicationerrors and bad timing. A nice flight attendant carried me off the plane.
Had a cat (Kit-Kat)

Age 6- Fun day at Veteran's Park Elementary in Kentucky. My best friends Lenna and Laura, us in our handmade American flag t- shirts, wearing hats. When the day was over, we got those frozen tube popsicles.
Got Scout and Shadow.
One of my good friends died of a brain tumor.
I witnessed a jewelry store robbery. Dad was having his ring fitted when this guy walked in and started looking at some coins or gems on display. He had a bag in his hand. The clerk/ lady picked up a phone and started talking in a foreign language, then signaled my mom and dad to take us outside. About 3 minutes later, 3 cop cars pulled up outside the store and we later learned that this guy was wanted in GA for similar crimes.
Vacation to NC with the Bowlings.
Got Angel.
Girl Scouts.
Easter Egg hunt.
Swim team.

Age 7- I moved. From Lexington, KY to Knoxville, TN. In the middle of 2nd grade, never enrolled at A.L Lotts beacuse mom decided to home school me... needless to say I didn't do that much.. basically skipped most of 2nd grade there haha.
Later that fall, I started Lotts in 3rd grade. Amazing teacher, Mrs. Smith. I bawled my eyes out for 30 minutes on meet the teacher day b/c I knew no one.
Weird neighbors, but nice.
Building forts in the very back of the yard.
Met Olivia Monroe.
And Emily Watson. Both went to my church.

Age 8- Discovering the pond behind the house at Pine Springs.
Building more forts.
Angel had 6 puppies. Cute little furballs!
Neighbors got a golden retriever- I trained it for them.
Girl scouts.

Age 9- Moved to another house @ Shady Springs.
Nice neighbors.
Started 4th grade (Mrs. Alexander), another amazing teacher. We went to her house in December to wrap Angel Tree gifts and eat pizza and ice cream.
Took class trip to Rocky Mount. It was amazing.
Angel had 5 pups.
Laura Ingalls Wilder Day. I wasn't in the play, but I narrated some. Ate amazing food.
Watched random episodes of the show, burned a lot of class time.
Bill Nye the science guy.
Model volcanoes.
Climbing through the window.

Age 10- started 5th grade- Mrs. Fultz. Awesome teacher again.
Started my unstable advanced math career.
Read tons of books.
Finding out my best friend and I 'liked' the same dude haha
Thinking I was so freaking amazing because I was at the top of the school.
Got so mad and upset b/c none of my friends were going to Farragut and I had to move there.

Age 11- Moved AGAIN. To Farragut.
Started 6th grade in Blue Pod.
Had no friends until half way through the year (I'm talking sitting alone at lunch or forcing myself to sit with people haha I was just a shy loner)
MRS. ROGERS. One of my worst teachers ever.
Hammontree- oh thank you so much for making us write in INK and CURSIVE b/c it's a lost art and professional. 50 page packets that we were given months to do, endless amounts of extra credit oppurtunities.
Befriended Mrs. Sells before I even had other friends b/c of American Idol.
Finally started making friends right before Christmas break. Anna Miller haha.
Actually going to the bottom of the hill.
The cat wandered up to our house, layed his fat self out on our porch, and we fed him. Now, he's stuck to our porch.

Age 12- Started 7th Grade in Orange Pod.
Slow start to the year, eventually picked up.
Field trip to the Appalachian Homecoming Fair thing. SO much fun. Wasted so much $ haha
Going to see A Christmas Carol
Powerpoints in Reading
Mrs. Brock reading us books and egging us on to beat Gold Pod. (while keeping up with ALL of the other pods' point totals might I add)
Getting about 700 AR points.
Regular visits to Mrs. Sells.
Really great teachers, fun classes.
Mr. MAC!!!!!! And his stories of course.
(Now using some of the stuff Mrs. Manning taught us haha)

Age 13- Started 8th Grade in Orange Pod.
C-SPAN (and this should pretty much describe my whole 8th grade experience.)
The sound of Ms Rehder's heels clicking quickly around the classroom.
Ms. Rader yelling at me in Algebra I, then smiling at me in 8th grade math whenever "the good ones" said something smart since we weren't complete morons.
Mrs. Yander telling us some wacky story that always tied into what she was saying.
Mr. Walker's interesting facial expressions :)
Almost never doing anything in Reading or Language Arts... OH WAIT, we were "doing C-SPAN." Yeah, that's what led to the jungle animal sounds competition.
My hysterical math class.
Mr. Danner lecturing us over and over about the same topic in the middle of a song...
Huge fight with a friend... :(
DC trip!!! Hanging out with Susie and Michael the whole time.
Finding out some stuff...
Jazz band with Susie.
"Ms. Rader's going to eats us!!"
"What the flagnog?!?!? Sum a su, fu la nong a!?!?!?"
"I hate all woodwind instruments, but not the people who play them."
Science with Jordan.- "Do you have gum? Can I have some? Give me some gum! I'm hungry.."
Sitting talking to everyone during 8th grade celebration.
Speaking of which, didn't Jordan break the mic after her speech? :P
Leaving middle school.

Age 14- Summer 09- present
Canon doing "The Canon"
Donna and The Boss.
Canon and Kate saying how I am "in love with Logan"
and how "we are going to get married"? haha
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Kate and Canon attached at the hip.
The "amazing" smelling marker.
The cat fights between the girls.
Miss Rosina!!
BRANDON as Willy Wonka. His Abercrombie shot.
Canon and Kate's obsessions with Twilight.
Kate giving Olivia the death stare. hahahaha
The delinquent girls at Bearden heheh
140 hours at least of Theatre!!
Little Women
Me and Gloria sitting in the floor at Borders, asking questions to a magic 8 ball. very interesting. haha
CAMP 09!!!!!
Amazing kids.
The torch ceremony.
Crazy S-Dawg, Crazy Neck, and 8- Step!!!
Hanging out with my amazing cousins.
Meeting this really hot random guy. i just met. in Louisville. :P
You know who you are.
Starting high school.
Hating it, then absolutely loving it.
"The earth is circular..."
Wandering the halls.
Olivia and me eating sour patch kids in the 'dark alley' after church looking like drug dealers. haha
The EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And Then We Sent Them Doggies Whimpering All the Way Home...

We beat Bearden. 42-17. Take that you annoying-mother-bulldog-woman-who-works-at-the-eye-doctor -and-made-fun-of-me. Take it!! FARRAGUT DOMINATES!!!

 So I didn't end up going to either games because of the uninviting weather. Instead, I have spent the past few days looking at the world in a whole different manner. Apparently, my vision was 20x50, which means that I am sadly pretty nearsighted. On Friday, the glasses came in. I love being able to see, but I really hate wearing them. Mom and Sam say I look good in them, but I don't think so.. So sorry, but you won't be seeing me at school in those things. I just don't want all of the comments or to draw uninvited attention to myself (wow, I sound like a shut-in haha). Just stuff like people stating the obvious such as... "Wow, you got glasses!" "Did you have those before?" "I've never seen you in glasses!" would all get old.
  I would much rather have some contacts, but my mom doesn't really want to get them for me. She's trying to sway me away by telling me how irritating they would be, not to mention expensive, and all this stuff, but I would much rather deal with them than have to keep the frames on. They get annoying after a while and kind of impair my depth perception when I'm walking because I always end up looking below the frames when I'm walking, and then when I look back up, I feel like I am thrown off balance.
 It is sooo different being able to see the individual leaves on the trees and the blades of grass. And I can read small type from farther away and license plates and signs. It really is crazy to see all of the random stuff I've been 'missing out' on.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And to Whom Do We Owe this Honor?? Tyler Crone, Come on Down!!!!!

As you may have heard, (well duh, of course you have) 3 seniors on our footall team went across town to our best friends Bearden and did some rivalry vandalism in the spirit of the game tomorrow. Which of course is usually ok.... when is doesn't cost $6,000 to repair!!! Here's an excerpt from the big article.

"The damage to Bearden High School in West Knoxville was done with spray paint, motor oil, glue, and even bleach on the football field itself.

"There was damage to our memorial garden, to our press box, to some of our athletic facilities underneath the stadium, to the back of the school," Bartlett said.
The principal of Farragut High School apologized for the incident. "Dr Bartlett as well as I intend on putting an end to this kind of stuff," said Farragut High School Principal Michael Reynolds.

Cleanup began Thursday morning. Repairing the field could include new sod. Early estimates of damage are $5,000 to $6,000, money the school principals say could be better spent on something positive."

Here is the full article link that includes some pictures-

So here is my opinion:

1) It was an absolutely uncalled for, idiotic act that obviously did some damage to our standards of integrity and those boys' permanent records

2) The memorial garden?? Seriously?? That is the one place that should be completely off limits and yet these guys took a truck and drove through it, as well as tagged some of the memorial stones with paint.

3) Inappropriate images were painted in the stadium itself that were just...

4) Some of the enraged Bearden students are pointing their grubby fingers at ALL of us @ Farragut and calling us the old generalization (that Farragut kids are stuck up spoiled brats)

5) The guys painted their own numbers on a wall at the stadium. Can you get any more stupid than that?

6) Yes. They went and bought 50 cans of spray paint at the Wal Mart across the street. Way to go guys.

So congratulations Tyler Crone and your lovely assistants. You win the Farragut High School IDIOT OF THE YEAR AWARD!! And chances are that he's going to apologize all the live long day about this, but what good will it do? He's going to serve time in jail, get suspended from school, get kicked off the football team, have to pay for his damage, and say goodbye to his football scholarship. Good one!

I am going to the Bearden game tomorrow, and hopefully I don't get murdered. But I'll have Gloria to protect me. Hahahaha... :) You should come with us!!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Ok, so I didn't actually go to the dance. I didn't want to. Actually going to the dance requires so much extra time and energy- you have to go find a dress (and cross your fingers that no one else shows up in the same one you do), get the shoes, fix the hair, deal with the cold, having the limited pleasure of going with friends and not a date, and having to deal with everything a dance brings along. I'm not a big dancer. I just don't find it fun to jump around in a huge group of people and sing along to the songs. Then you have to watch all of the 'couples' dance, hang all over eachother, gaze into each other's eyes like the world has stopped for them, not to mention those who just stand around (well more like sit in the corners) and make out. I just do not see why everyone gets so excited about homecoming! Prom, maybe. I do love seeing all of the sweet ways that the guys have asked some of the girls this year. So cute.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not just sitting here sulking about not going. I'm not a complete shut in. I went to the game... but none of my friends were there (who said they would be) and I sat alone in the cold, with my toes going numb because I was too lazy to run upstairs and get some socks for my tennis shoes. So that was a bummer.

Oh! And my wonderful experience at the eye doctor:

Yesterday I had an eye appointment. Just a check up. The nurse/ lady was talking to me in a very belittling manner and I was getting fed up with her. First of all, she's a Bulldog with a son on the football team. So the Mama Dog (in Europe, also known as the bitch) was like making fun of me and laughing evilly with my oh-so-supportive and helpful father. So then she told me that the would probably have to dialate my eyes to get a good look inside and she said:

Witch- "Are you ok with that?"

Hmm... NO. I don't like anything put in my eyes that will make me cry whenever I see any light and give me a major headache.

Me- "Do I have the right to deny that?"

Evil One- "Yes. But your father has the right to override your denial."

Oh, she's good.

Me- "Farragut is going to beat Bearden."

Mama Dog- "We'll see about that."

Ughhh. I did NOT like this woman one bit. She had me inn a sour mood when the doctor came in, but he was everything she wasn't, so it was ok. Until SHE came back in to 'check' on me. Yeah right. So somehow we ended up talking about church and she said that her husband was going to the Westlake campus of my church. She said that she didn't go with him much because Phillip scares her. She also said this:

Her- "Well, I grew up in a Methodist church, and I just liked it better. I mean, when you miss a Sunday or two, you can tell that all of the people at the Baptist church look at you in a funny way. AND THEN there are the letters. They send you those postcards to remind you to get your butt back to church. It's just like they're invading you."

Me- "I like the Baptist churches better. And I like the postcards. They make me feel like they care."

Her- "Hmmphh. Well ok."

And with raised eyebrows and pouty lips, she retreated from the room, knowing the battle was lost. And me and my best friend Jesus have prevailed. Take that satan.*

And today Sam had an eye appointment. You know what she said to him?
"Wow, you certainly are not as difficult as your sister was!"

All I can say is YOU'RE DOGMEAT!!!!!!!

*OK I am SO overexaggerating some things. I do not think that the meanish nurse is evil or satan. I'm just saying that she wasn't too nice. But all of the dialog is 100% true.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Runs in the Family

As you know, I have a very mild case of trypanophobia.*** Does anyone remember what this means? The fear of needles of course. Well, today was...

An annual event hosted by the Knoxville News Sentinel to raise money for the Empty Stocking Fund and vaccinate people in the Knoxville area.

So I think it's a really great idea that they are giving out flu shots. Not only are they saving people about $20 apiece, but they are also getting money to put towards "making the holidays brighter" for people in the city.

I have absolutely no problem with the flu shot. It doesn't hurt at all and the people are really fast. The only downside is that for a few days after the shot, your arm will be a little sore, but other than that, it's absolutely fine.
Anyway, this post isn't about me or the little fear of being stabbed with a metal syringe. No, this is about my little brother.

Every year, Sam totally FREAKS OUT (much to my humor) when we have to go get flu shots. It's about a fifteen to twenty minute wait, and with each corner we turn in the makeshift line maze constructed from our lunch tables, he gets more and more upset.

The suspense is what kills him. He stands there watching other people get stabbed and injected. Clean, stab, inject, remove. Clean, stab, inject, remove. Over and over and over. He starts to tear up about ten minutes into the wait. As we stood there I said,

"Hey look at that kid. He's probably 5 and he's not crying."

To which he replied:

"He has a sucker. That's why."


When we got to the end of the wait, he was almost shaking. When a nurse was free, I dragged him over with me and made him watch me first.

Me: "See? It doesn't hurt at all."

I pushed him towards the nurse and she asked him if he was allergic to eggs.

Sam: "Noo..."

He was red faced from crying and kind of swaying.

Nurse: "Do you feel dizzy?"

Sam: "No..."

Nurse: "Why don't you sit down?"

Sam: "No. I want to stand."

Nurse: "Please sit down."

Me: "Sam, sit down."

So he did. Clean, stab, inject, remove, and he was done.

"Did it hurt?"


He basically just had an anxiety attack. And a  smile and a sucker later, he was completely fine. The 15th annual Free Flu Shot Saturday was a success. As in, no visits to the ER, and we all survived.

***May I also add that I did not even flinch when I was stabbed. Pretty amazing huh?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

For two weeks I am taking care of Shep again. (Hello Benjamin Franklin. Long time, no see) Usually nothing particularly interesting happens, besides Shep being a stubborn dog and not going inside, which makes me end up dragging her in. You'd think she'd learn.

Every three days, I have to put a chlorine tablet in the pool.

 Which means opening this filter

 and dropping in a big hunk of solidified chlorine.

This time when I opened it, I was confronted with an extremely nasty smell and a dead blob floating in the water. After a lot of trying to extract the frog with a stick, I finally succeeded. The smell was even worse and the frog had been in the water so long that his skin was peeling off and just floating around him. His toungue hung out of his mouth in the form of a white blob.
I put him back down onto the crime scene and started putting up my yellow tape. It was time for the investigation to begin.
 I then looked over the edge of the pool and found another dead floating amphibian right near the skimmer door. I fished him out with the net and laid him out next to his deceased kindred. Next, I used the stick to expertly get the basket out of the skimmer. It was then that I found the third victim.
I looked at all three frogs. All of their skin was peeling or had already peeled off, one of them was oozing brown guts, and they all looked to be about the same size.

Oh yeah, and they were all dead.

I suspected no foul play, simply a midnight shenanigan gone horribly wrong. Or they were tired of what their simple lives had to offer. I packed up my yellow tape, disposed of the bodies, and left.

Time of Death: Monday, September 21, 2009. 3:27:13 am
Cause of Death: Suicide

Apparently, it really isn't easy being green.
All I'm saying is, Kermit tried to warn us.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And the Winner is.....

A few weeks ago, FOX released the information we all (as in fans of American Idol) have been waiting for. Since Paula Abdul abandoned the show completely to take a hosting job on some show called "Divas", there has been an empty spot on the judges' panel. Who could this new, charismatic judge be? Who could possibly fill her shoes and swoon over the people with the worst voices, sugar coat everything to the point of making you want to gag?

 Apparently, Ellen can.

I never even thought about her as a judge. I am not going to say anything until I actually see how she is on the show. This will be an interesting season...

Anyway, I am blogging this wonderful post at school. We sometimes end up with nothing to do in visual communications (aka graphic design) so we get the divine oppurtunity to get on the computers and do just about everything. Well, everything but the most important thing, which is of course FACEBOOK!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The People You Find in Halloween Superstores

So in the building where Goody's (May They Rest In Peace) used to be, they set up one of the seasonal Halloween superstores. Costumes, wigs, shoes, make up, masks, hats, accessories; they had it all. Mom and I went into the place and had fun looking around through all of their overpriced stuff for about 45 minutes. As always, it was an interesting experience.

And while we were amidst all of the wigs, we heard a voice. Voices, really, all talking very quickly in a foreign language. Of course, with my profound experience with the Asians and their cultures and ways, I knew they were indeed of the Asian variety. They were talking faster than I ever could, repeating the same sounding words over and over excitedly, and all speaking at once yet still understanding every word they all said. It was crazy. They had their digital cameras clutched in their hands and took pictures of everything.

Now, if they truly were tourists from China or Japan, I can understand a few things, but I also have some questions.

1) I'm pretty sure they don't celebrate Halloween in Asia, so all of the interesting wigs and costumes and masks would seem pretty cool.
2) Of all places, why K-Ville??? We have nothing to offer them besides a great movie theater, China Pearl, or Wasabi!! There is no China Town in Knoxvegas. Oh yeah, and that annual Halloween superstore...
3) They had really amazing taste in fashion.
4) They all carried around the "advanced" cameras and cell phones
6) They had backpacks, which explains my tourist theory

Yes, stalking. Everywhere I turned, there they were giggling and running through words and sounds at a hundred miles a second. Well, I managed to do a little amazing inconspicuous stalking myself, just so that you, my faithful readers, could see what I saw in the magical world of Halloween Land...

And of course they were taking pictures of every last thing. Isn't taking pictures of merchandise illeagal?? Because they have come up to me at Borders and told me to stop taking pictures... Anyway, the guy in the apron who worked there of course played his part perfectly by doing nothing. The creepy employee guy just sat on a table and bounced one of the eyeball bouncy balls up and down, chomping obnoxiously on his gum. He had crazy hair, eyes that looked like he was on something, and various rings piercing his nose, ears, and eyebrows (and wouldn't it all get annoying when trying to get through airport security?). He definitely looked like he belonged in that store.

Creepy employe guy was capable of getting up and telling them to stop violating the company rules. But he was lazy, probably had a hangover, or was stoned.

My mom was looking through the wigs after the Asians left. She opened up one of the little bags they come in and pulled one out to look at the length. All of a sudden I felt someone breathing down my neck so I whipped around to find creepy employee guy. Staring off into space, he informed my mother of the store's policy in his banausic, bland, boring, dim, dreary, humdrum, monotonous, plodding, yawn producing, stoned voice.

"Ma'am, it is against the store policy to try on wigs."

My mom's eyebrows flew up.

"Oh no, I was just looking at the length. I am allowed to do that, right? Just look at them?"

"Uhh, yeah..."

"Ok. I would never try them on. Nope."

Then creepy drugged employee guy chomped down on his gum once more as he hunched over and dragged himself back to his post to resume his job which he was probably getting paid 10 bucks an hour for: bouncing the eyeball bouncy ball. Great customer service. Thanks, creeper.

The Asians eventually wandered out of the store, going on to discover new phenomenons of America, such as Starbucks or  Walmart or Target.  Ahhh, the luxuries of being an American...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Glimpse of Kindess

Don't Forget the Lyrics!! Have you ever seen this show? The host is really annoying but otherwise, it's alright. We played this game at church last night. The three songs were.....

You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
September- Earth, Wind, and Fire
and a Mystery Song!! which was a song from the old show we all used to watch... VEGGIE TALES!!!

Ben (our game guy) chose 3 people from the audience and 2 of them won. It was quite entertaining.

So I haven't been up to much. School is going well... but not much new. We're doing the annual can drive for 2nd Harvest VERSUS Bearden. And I really hope we win this year because then we'd be able to beat them in Football AND fundraisers. All the way across the board... GO ADMIRALS!!! My homeroom alone has raised 468 cans so far.

 In my effort to make a difference and help people out this fall, I printed off 50 fliers for the can drive telling the people of my neighborhood to leave the cans by their mailbox for pick up last Sunday. After driving around the neighborhood at different times, we only found one lonely bag of cans. ONE out of fifty. I think this really goes to show something for this world. Now, of course I know that some people probably forgot completely- and that's ok. But that one family chose to make time for others and put 6 cans out at the end of their driveway to help out people much less fortunate than them. And I think that is the coolest thing.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Survival of the Fittest

For the past 2.5 weeks, we have followed our bottle ecosystems in Biology. What are bottle ecosystems? Well....

We all got into groups of four and brought in 2 two-liter bottles. We then cut the top of the bottle off...
And filled the bottom with aquarium rocks.
And then water, and then elodea- an aquatic plant- and then two guppies. The we filled the top with soil and planted some seeds.
It was pretty cool to watch everything grow and one of our fish sadly died, but it was still a great project. We ended up having brown-yellow water. It was horrifyingly nasty. I am so surprised that our little guppy even lived, but it was a strong one!!! Definitely survival of the fittest.
So tomorrow I am going to help GLORIA!!!!!! make campaign posters for her thing for VP @ HVA. It should be interesting!!

We all remember where we were and what we were doing on September 11, 2001. The cruel, inhumane acts against God that day were incredibly devastating. Here's a word-

I would like you to take a moment to remember the people who died in the buildings and airplanes 8 years ago on September 11, 2001. Remember their families, the volunteer workers who saved the lives of the Americans in those buildings, and them. My heart goes out to you all. And God bless the volunteers. We all admire your heroism and patriotism, still today. Below is a timeline of the events.... it really puts it into perspective.

7:58 a.m. - United Airlines Flight 175 departs Boston for Los Angeles, carrying 56 passengers, two pilots, and seven flight attendants. The Boeing 767 is hijacked after takeoff and diverted to New York.

7:59 a.m. - American Airlines Flight 11 departs Boston for Los Angeles, carrying 81 passengers, two pilots, and nine flight attendants. This Boeing 767 is also hijacked and diverted to New York.

8:01 a.m. - United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 carrying 38 passengers, two pilots, and five flight attendants, leaves Newark, N.J., for San Francisco.

8:10 a.m. - American Airlines Flight 77 departs Washington's Dulles International Airport for Los Angeles, carrying 58 passengers, two pilots, and four flight attendants. The Boeing 757 is hijacked after takeoff.

8:46 a.m. - American Flight 11 from Boston crashes into the North

Tower at the World Trade Center.

9:03 a.m. - United Flight 175 from Boston crashes into the South Tower at the World Trade Center.

- U.S. Federal Aviation Administration shuts down all New York area airports.

9:21 a.m. - Bridges and tunnels leading into New York City are closed.

9:25 a.m. - All domestic flights are grounded by U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

9:45 a.m. - American Flight 77 crashes into The Pentagon.

10:05 a.m. - The South Tower at the World Trade Center collapses.

10:05 a.m. - The White House is evacuated.

10:10 a.m. - A large section of one side of The Pentagon collapses.

10:10 a.m. - United Flight 93 crashes in a wooded area in Pennsylvania, after passengers confront hijackers.

10:28 a.m. - The North Tower at the World Trade Center collapses.

Though this day was a horrible act of terrorism, we showed them that they can't bring us down.
 We are strong. We are united. We are Americans.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pass the Morphine

Today as I logged onto Facebook, I saw a new one of their improvements had been advertised, again. They created a widget to go on the side of blogs and other websites so that people who view sites like this have the oppurtunity to look at my status and profile picture without ever leaving my blog!! It's on the bottom left.

So check it out if you want. They call them Facebook Badges. Free advertising for Facebook, more of me to you, more Facebook for me. This is definitely a mutualism.

This weekend my grandparents are coming down. My grandpa is about to have surgery on his eye. Apparently it's cancer, but not life threatening. Keep him in your prayers anyway!!

I hate surgeries. Whether is be me (which has not happened yet) or someone else, I always mentally cringe at the thought of going under in pain and coming out with even more pain than you started with, because someone has taken a knife or something and cut you open, then sealed you back up. I can watch surgeries and stuff, because it's not the blood or guts that bother me. It's the concept and the sharp utensils. And I really feel bad for those people who wake up in the middle of surgery and feel the immense pain but cannot do anything. I also feel really, really bad for the people who go under and the doctors made a mistake.

"Umm, wait, I thought I was supposed to lose my right leg?"
"Oh, my bad! Well we'll take that one off as well I suppose. Sorry about that."

Surprisingly enough, it happens!

Why haven't I had a surgery? Well, due to the fact that I like to play it safe so that I can stay as far away from the doctor as long as I possibly can, I have never broken any major bones or had any stitches. Nothing. Broken toes don't need repair. They just swell up and grow back in all twisted and gnarly. So I am pretty sure that the first surgery I am going to have to sadly endure is the painful one of the removal of my wisdom teeth. I went to the dentist last week and saw an x-ray of my teeth. The dental hygeinist was showing me how my wisdom teeth on both sides were growing in such a way ---> / \ that I will have to have them removed, just like 82% of the population. If I don't, they eventually lead to crowding, pressure, gum problems, sores, absesses, blah blah blah. I am dreading the day. You guys know how freaked out I get around needles!! (see prior post) Just wait and see: I'll end up passing out on the table from stress and cardiac arrest as soon as they pick up the needle. Then they can just put it in, knock me out completely, and numb it. Please pass the morphine.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is Having 19 Kids a Gift or an Obsession?

So if you've been living under a rock for a while, this will all be new to you.

Most of us know who the Duggars are. A different kind of family, Michelle and Jim-Bob have naturally conceived and had 18 children. EIGHTEEN!!! The Duggars' 18 children all have names starting with the letter J and include two sets of twins. Along with Josh (21) and Jordyn-Grace (1), the family includes: Jana and John-David, 19; Jill, 18; Jessa, 16; Jinger, 15; Joseph, 14; Josiah, 13; Joy-Anna, 11; Jeremiah and Jedidiah, 10; Jason, 9; James, 8; Justin, 6; Jackson, 5; Johannah, 3; and Jennifer, 2. They live in a 7,000 sq ft house in a little town in Arkansas where the manage commercial real-estate. Of course, the real-estate isn't what got them that huge house (which they built themselves). Nope. It was the money from their shows and appearances. Not only do they have fun making episodes and such, but they also make tons of money to support their family. Just think of how much money it takes to keep them running. I think they said that groceries alone were 2-3 thousand dollars a week. They use coupons and stuff though, so they really do look for deals and the most ways to save money.

They say they'll keep welcoming more children as long as Michelle is able to have them.
 But wait, there's more!

Yes, baby number 19 is on its way. 19 kids!!!

And their oldest son, Josh, married and he and his wife Anna are now expecting their first child, a girl. So if you think about it, Michelle and Jim-Bob's grandchild is going to be older than their currently youngest child. Which also means that Josh's daughter's aunt is going to be 5 months younger than her.

Here's another cool thing that's different about this family: Michelle home schooled ALL of them. Also, ALL of them know how to play a string instrument (which she also taught them).  Now, I am not discriminating against the Duggars in any way. I support them! If Michelle feels that what she is meant to do is to have kids and raise them well, then by all means, great for her! I love their values and the way they have their lives together. They are also amazingly organized and successful. I watch their show whenever it's on when I have time. This truly is an incredible family!