Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Coolness of my Neighborhood

The funny thing about my neighborhood is that it really doesn't feel like one. Sure, you get the concept of a bunch of houses thrown side by side and labeled with the same neighborhood name, but really, we're not like united or anything. You NEVER see kids riding their bikes out in the streets or drawing murals with chalk on their driveways or chasing eachother around with water guns. It's so crazy! Everywhere else I've lived, there have been other kids that liked to hang out and actually do stuff! We don't have a neighborhood pool- which I think is part of the reason we're all so disconnected- because roughly half the houses have their own. If we ever want to swim, we go across the street to like the only neighbors we actually talk to and do stuff. The Reigers have an amazing pool. They are retired, so they're probably in their mid- late 60s. They pay me to pet sit their golden retriever, Shep, whenever they travel (which is quite frequently, seeing as they have an absolutely HUGE family). My older brother, Landon, does most of their yard work. So, as you can see, they're like another set of grandparents I guess. Oh wait! We DO actually have some other friendly neighbors though! Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of nice neighbors, but we don't really know them. My neighborhood isn't like a grim, dismal place. There just isn't a lot of stuff going on.
It's crazy awesome.

So what brought on this thought process?

My mom has decided to start walking 2 laps around the neighborhood every day with the big dogs, Scout and Shadow. After 14 days of being asked to walk with her, I finally found myself with nothing else to do. Plus I love being outdoors and exercising anyway.

My neighborhood is basically one big loop. A portion of the greenway passes through my neighborhood, which makes great biking, because I can ride straight up to Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens, Mellow Mushroom, the library, or even school if I choose to.

Anyway, she likes the exercise of walking plus the dogs need it. So I went along. Now, I really do not enjoy walking. Biking is wayyy more of my thing, but my dog loves me to walk him so I took Shadow, Mom took Scout, and we set off. I noticed that there really weren't any kids out playing (and I know there are a lot of kids in the neighbrhood). It was crazy!! But I had fun walking anyway!! Oh, and my dogs do look possessed in this picture. Yes, I am aware of that.


  1. Well that was random!! CUTE dogs though!! Your neighborhood sounds awesome!! my neighborhood is blah!!

  2. It is pretty amazing in a location sense.

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