Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feeling Lazy?

I am!! After the DC trip, I haven't quite gotten back on my feet. I didn't turn in a few sections in Social Studies, or the rough draft of my research paper with the works cited page, or my science thing until today, or... well actually that covers it. So instead of taking the weekend to finish everything, guess where I'm going? Home! Well, as close to home as I'm going to get.

For the amazing people who know what the first Saturday in May means to me, this will be a review. For the people who have no idea what the first Saturday in May means, I'm sorry, but Tennessee has apparently gotten to you.

So what is special about this day?

Umm HELLO!?!??!? It's the Kentucky Derby!!

"The most exciting two minutes in sports!"

If you did not already know, I am from Lexington, Kentucky. My grandparents (on moms side) have lived in Louisville, Kentucky (home of Churchill Downs). So, as you can see, the derby is a big thing in my family.

My mom, brothers, and I drive up to KY and spend 3 days or so hanging out with family and friends and watching the derby. It is really amazing!! One of the best things about heading home for the derby is seeing my 91 year old great grandmother watch the derby. She yells "Go, go go!!" at the television as the thoroughbreds race around the bend for the final leg. And she is always the first one to place bets on the horses. Heck, we're all yelling 'go!' at tv at some point. Anyway, we always have a lot of food, because that's how it's always been in my family. German and Italian bloodlines make for some hungry people who love to cook!!
So you may not hear from me for the weekend, depending on how busy I find myself!

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