Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am just now uploading the pictures I took in Washington, DC and I am
just starting to see how many i really took!! The grand total is....................... 1,092!!!!
Can you believe I took close to 1100 pictures?? Geez!!

Anyway, while I was on the trip, a lot of really cool stuff happened! Of course, there was the stuff with Bob, but I also went OCD, permanently damaged a historical document, saw a dead hobo, and further increased my knowledge of the people around me. I'll tell you a few stories-

I will start with the OCD thing. Ok, so on the trip I came up with the grand idea of buying a postcard or two everywhere I went. Postcards cost about 40 cents on average, so it was obvious that I wasn't going to go broke buying a lot of them. So, everywhere I went, I started to get a few postcards. A few postcards turned into 5, then 6, then 12. Well, I really only bought three 12- packs, so it wasn't that bad. Anyway, in the end, I came home with (and I kid you not) 67 POSTCARDS!!!! And people kept teasing me about being OCD!! Haha, well I guess I can't blame them!

My next little experience was at the National Archives which is where the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Emancipation Proclamation, etc are stored. Before we went into the Archives, Mr. Danner lectured us about the rules of the Archives. The number one rule? NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY OR YOUR CAMERA WILL BE CONFISCATED BY THE GUARDS. Well... I followed the rules. A good reminder to keep the flash off was the guards that were posted in various placed. As I walked through the line, I turned my camera off. When I reached the Declaration, I turned my camera on and took a picture of it. Can you see the mistake? I DIDN'T TURN THE FLASH OFF!!! I realized my mistake as soon as I clicked the capture button. The flash went off once, but before it could flash again to take the picture, I yanked it down and covered it with my hand. I'm pretty sure the guard, who was standing literally 3 feet away, saw it go off. So what did I do? I shot off and got my butt out of the National Archives. I did NOT need my camera to end up in the hands of a guard. Geez!!

There really wasn't anything interesting about the dead hobo. He was stretched out on the steps of a lamp post or something in front of Union Station. I'm not just saying he looked dead. He WAS dead.

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