Monday, April 27, 2009

This is It!!

I have made a vow to create no more blogs!! Since it was so hard keeping up with both of the others and different people expecting different things, this blog is reflecting a compromise.

For the great Gloria- Yes, on this blog I will finally please your grammatically correct thirsty eyes. No more all lowercase posts or titles. No more 3 sentence posts. Everything will be as you have requested!!

For the amazing Jordan- I'm not sure why you chose Unrestricted Dreams over Common Sense, but hopefully this will suit your style of blogging!!

For the (no comment) Allie- I don't think you really cared about the style in the first place, but I have planned on this one being more optimistic! Haha, and by the way, you are both AMAZING and GREAT!!


  1. Hooray! You don't know how extremely happy i am that you are finally using capital letters!

  2. hey, you bet im amazing and great! and was there a different style at all in the blogs? hmmm. i guess i dont have the eye to spot a good (or bad!)blogging skills.....

  3. I know Gloria!!

    And Allie, I really intentionally started out making them different, but I got lazy and I ran out of time so eventually I just ended up writing a post and then copying and pasting it into the other one. It's going to be a lot easier now!

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