Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laptop = FIXED!!

After my strange encounter with the Geek Squad at Best Buy, I laid my precious laptop to rest. A new adapter AND a new battery were going to cost me A LOT of money (that I don't have) so I left it in the box to collect dust.


My dad has a friend who is a COMPLETE computer geek. He builds laptops all the time, knows his way around all of the computer software in the world... you get the picture. So Dad took my little Acer Aspire to Scott and he fixed the adapter. WOO!! The downside is that my laptop no longer has a battery.. which means if I unplug it from the wall, it turns off. So it always has to be plugged in. Which is wayy better than not even having a laptop at all!!!

So tomorrow I get to go back to Webb!! 8 weeks of volunteering at Drama camp with the drama teacher/expert/guru and the other two people about my age who volunteer- Beth-one of my good friends- and Neal- the boy prodigy. He is a great actor, has a great voice, and he can pick up almost any instrument and play it. It's crazy!!
At Drama Camp, I go there from 9-2 and help stage manage, direct, and keep the kids (well most of them are kids. i think it's from grades 4-7) in order. You really get to see the talent shine from the kids as they learn and become better. Some of them are just really great and they don't even know it!! And some of them are just REALLY great and they know they are.
See, theatre people are different than other people. They are deeper and have BIG personalities. And so many other things! Anyway, I go and spend pretty much all day in nice cold air conditioning in the theatre, building friendships and alliances with the kids who really look up to me and fight over who gets to sit at my lunch table. Ha ha!! (no, seriously... they do) Speaking of lunch... Webb has AWESOME lunches!!! I absolutely LOVE them. Those rich kids eat well...

Anyway, it's going to be AMAZING!! I've been anticipating it since it ended last summer. SO excited!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I had a very horrendous terrifying scarring dream last night. It was about my older brother- Landon. I think that the fact that he can drive now finally weighed in on my conscious...

So we were at Walmart and we bought a new car. (Haha- I know..)My mom had something screwed up with her insurance so she had to forbid Landon from ever driving her car. So Landon and I hopped in the brand new sports car and started home. We got on the interstate and I was (surprisingly) sitting in the back seat... (then my memory went foggy and my dream jumped to the setting of my church)
Every one was crying. Me especially. The sanctuary was bigger than it really is and it was filled with people.

My brother was dead.

And I survived the crash that killed him.

If you have an older brother (or sister I guess) then you will know exactly how I was feeling in my dream. If you are the older child, you probably won't be able to quite grasp the feeling.

Devastation. Like you've lost absolutely everything and you'll NEVER be happy again.

It was the WORST feeling I have ever experienced. It was the farthest my emotions have ever been stretched.

So (back to the dream)

Everyone was giving testimonies about their times with my brother and what a great guy he was. But strangely, it wasn't a funeral. Then it was my turn. I bawled through my whole dream and it worsened even more as I began to talk.

I talked about how I felt it was so very much MY fault and I should have died with him. It was awful that I had to be the one to live without him. I remember this direct quote that I also threw out there:
"He was such a great driver. I though that he would be one of the teens above the statistics that say so many young drivers die. He had his whole life ahead of him. My brother was going to do great things. It was NOT fair that he did not get to pursue his dreams or live a lot longer. IT WASN'T FAIR!!!"
And then I ran out into the lobby area and curled up on a couch in a fetal position, crying even harder. Then I turned my head up to heaven and started to wonder 'why?' and 'what is he thinking about all of this, looking down on us?' and 'how could he leave me?'...
Then suddenly I heard the All- American Rejects start singing their song in my CHURCH's sanctuary- which was ironically 'Gives You Hell'.

Why this random of a song?? Well I keep my radio on all night, so it was just me hearing the song off the radio while I was asleep. Crazy right? I know, happens all the time... so once I heard the song, I concluded that I was about to wake up.

When I DID wake up, there were tears gushing from my eyes and I was breathing irregularly (you know- the way you breathe when your crying. it's almost like a shudder). And I could feel tear stains which meant that I had been crying a while. So I was actually crying in my SLEEP. How weird is that?? Anyway, I was so upset but SOOO relieved once I realized that it was JUST A DREAM. And yet I was still crying.

It was awful. And it makes you think and wonder. IT WAS AWFUL.

I could never imagine losing either one of them. I love you guys! So much

Friday, May 29, 2009

MORE Coolness of my Neighborhood!!

In my previous post about my neighborhhood, I went on and on about how it has no sense of unity. Well, today I walked out to the mailbox and found this!

If you can't read it, here's a transcript:



WHERE: srry.. can't post tht




Whoa!! So first of all... elect new board members?? We had a board??
We definitely need a welcoming committee!! Same with the social committee- it would be nice to have parties and ice cream 'socials'. And what is up with the name 'Ideas to rejuvinate the neighborhood association'. That's such a mouthful, no one will even want to be on it.. Haha!

An Observation

Have you noticed that when you are talking about yourself or stuff that has happened to you, you get really into what you're saying- making sure you recall every last detail and get everything right, painting the perfect picture of your experience that you are so anxious to share with your friend. It's fun isn't it?
Then look at the opposite of this- the part when you have to listen to the other person. Your mind drifts and you stop making eye contact after the first few sentences. You barely listen to what the other person is saying as you think about something else cool to share or something that you really should be doing instead of sitting here talking...

Almost everyone does it!(Why do you think I have a blog?? I could rant on about myself all day!!) You lose interest when someone else is talking. And then when you are the one talking, the other person does the same thing. It's fun and easy to talk about ourselves- the hard part is listening.
I personally always have tried to intently listen when my friends are telling me something or need advice. I became aware of the above concept a few months ago, and since then I have tried to be an even better listener. If you tend to have ADD moments, try getting yourself involved with what the person is saying.
Some examples...
When I say I'm going to the lake this weekend with the Bowlings, people should know what I'm talking about because I bring them up a lot. If you still have no clue who they are... well it kind of illuminates your bad listening skills- unless of course you just started reading my blog- then I forgive you!
Also, when people are talking about their amazingly huge complex extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc..) I have an easy time following up on the people involved because I know how to listen (and I have a very, very good memory), so if the person brings up their friend in Nashville or their cousin or aunt or uncle, I remember and recognize who they are.

Something you can use to check yourself...
How many little random details (such as the name of your friend's cousin's friend's pet squirrel and such) can you remember about your past conversations?
If the answer is 'oh geez! I could go on and on about little Wilfred!' then great! You're on the right track.
But if your answer is 'huh? What kind of a name is Wilfred? My friend has a pet squirrel??'... then you might want to re-examine your listening skills...

Ask questions and maybe you'll actually remember what you were talking about a few hours later...

So be a great listener- it's a quality that is valued greatly now and later in life.

Ok... so I went on a bit of a rant... heheh sorry! Just wanted to give some random advice!!
It's fun and easy to talk about ourselves- the hard part is listening.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sometimes, You Just Know...

Yeah.. well once I get off this cloud, I'll write all about it..maybe... lol anyway!!
Today I went over to church for about 7 hours and painted panels and did some detail work. It's really all coming together! Though I spilled black paint on myself a few times, everything went great. So.. yeah. Oh I need to do the segment on Asians!!

Ok so as we all know, Asians do some pretty weird things. For example:
I just found out that Asians drive long distances to get their hair cut! Gloria, Shaina, Sharon, and Ester ALL drive to Atlanta! JUST FOR A HAIRCUT!!! Apparently Asian hair doesn't grow fast at all so they only need a hair cut once a year. And they waste the time to drive to Nashville or Atlanta because the people around here "take off too much" and "don't know how to style it right".
Now, this is just my opinion, but there is NO WAY that they could have possibly searched everywhere in Knoxville for a good stylist. It's SO CRAZY!! And Mrs. Yander agreed that I have uncovered something very interesting.
In the midst of this stereotype, there are of course some rational Asians who would agree that it's crazy to travel 3.5-4 hours just for a haircut. I applaud them for their sanity. Geez!

I am not a racist, just a stereotyper.

Some other stereotypes that I associate with Asians (and most are so true):*

They eat rice every day. This is why you don't see fat Asians (besides sumo wrestlers. Who knows what they eat...) Because rice has no nutritional value whatsoever! So if they like being like that, then go ahead!

Their parents stay up until 2 am discussing their child's grades and playing cards. Umm..(No comment)

They like speaking in Chinese/ Korean/Japanese/whatever around Americans who have no idea what they're saying. I think it's because they are either calling us names or talking in private.. or they're saying nothing at all- just trying to show off their bilingual skills. Wow... It is annoying when they do that! It is also annoying when they say "Gosh, I hate Americans! They're so stupid and boring!!" Seriously, if you be feelin that way, please go back to Asia and quit stealing our jobs... lol.

Asian children are pushed to have excellent grades. If they don't meet the expectations, they're toast.

They play an instrument. Well, many if not only one. Usually they throw them in orchestra to play the violin or they're piano prodigies.

They don't play sports. You NEVER see Asians participating in sports outside of the Olympics- besides Yao Ming. You don't see them in soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball- whatever. And definitely not football- they're too small.

The kids/ teens are forced to study for two grades ahead of what they are. This is why they are so smart.

So these are the things that I have concluded. Yes, I know. There are SO many more, but I tried to sum most of the main points up. If you have anything to say, go ahead and comment.

*Please, don't take this the wrong way! I LOVE Asians. They are just so intriguing in their ways and I love it!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reviving the Lost

Today I planned on going to my church to work on the VBS set again. When we got there (after Mom dropped Sam and me off) we discovered that there wasn't anyone there! Olivia was there waiting for us of course, and we had planned on getting a lot done but Kristi (the one in charge of everything with the painting and design) had to wait on childcare or something. So the 3 of us just walked around the church doing random stuff and hanging out in elevators and then getting in trouble for it. I hate it when adults try to interfere with everything! So we did nothing for a few hours and then left. Tomorrow she's supposed to be there around 9 so we'll be there shortly after.
Anyway, I found some random Saturday Night Live videos from the 70's that I though were pretty good. So here they are- enjoy!" id="W4727a250e66f97234a1c85d33fbcdfb8" width="384" height="283">" />

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

As you should know, I spent the weekend at the lake. I had soo much fun!! My dad had to drive up later because Landon got off work at 8, but my mom, Sam, and I drove up and got there around 5. It was weird not having Landon around for a few hours because our little group wasn't complete. But I did get to hang out with Boone more- just the two of us- since he wasn't there. Still, it felt incomplete!! Ha ha!

So when we first got there Boone and I took the jet ski over to the dock, got some bait, and then fished in the cove next to the house. I never get on a jet ski with Boone unless it's in the dock. He is a crazy speed demon out on the water and a dare devil. I did go out on it with him a few times last year and I couldn't hold onto him tight enough. Not to say that I'm not a speed demon or a dare devil.. because I am! I just don't like laying my safety in the hands of Boone Bowling. Talk about scary!

Anyway, we went tubing and jet skiing all day out on the water and when we came in, we fished and played ping pong and pool and stuff. I love hanging out with them! We all get along so well. On Saturday night we made a bonfire and s'mores and stuff. And I took Bryce frog hunting.

See, I have a reputation as being a fearless and brave and outdoorsy and stuff. Every time we go there, someone is always begging me to take them frog hunting at night because I've always been the one who can catch many every time. And I always do!

The dogs loved the lake. They swam all day and just stayed around the porch and everywhere. They were being really good! So I'm going to post some pictures on here and if you have a Facebook account, you'll be able to see the rest of them on there!

Shadow swimming

Boone with the 4 pound catfish

Bryce trying to take his brother down ha ha!

Bryce and Mr. B
Boone wearing Blair's glasses... weirdo =P

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This weekend...

Finally, it's feeling like summer!! Yesterday it did not feel like summer AT ALL, but today I think it is hitting me.
Every summer, we go to our friends' lake house on Norris Lake. They have a huge beautiful house with a boat and two jet skis. (they are our toys) Ha ha! Two years ago I got my super special spectacular BOATING LICENSE! The TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency) had a 4 hour class during which two experts taught us everything we needed to know about boating. Like, seriously, everything. Probably too much.. Anyway so I have my license and I can drive a boat a jet ski, etc. I love official things...
So we're going up there this weekend for Memorial Day to have some fun. Of course the Bowlings will be there- duh, it's their house! Yep.. so we'll be there until late Monday.
If you don't know who the Bowlings are by now, I'm not even going to waste time by telling you... ok well maybe this will be the last time..
So there's Jeff & Johanna who had Boone (14) Blair (12) Ben (9) and Bryce (4). I have known all of them my whole life.
So I have to go- I haven't packed yet.. heheh..- but I will be back on the first official day of summer (Monday) to tell you ALL about it. Oh and be looking forward to a special inside post about.............. THE WEIRD THINGS ASIANS DO. Ha ha so get ready!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is it really summer already?

Today was the last day of school. But this Italicyear it wasn't just a day of "Bye!! See ya next year!!"
...because the sad fact is that we're probably not going to see a fourth or a third of our classmates ever again. With some people going to Hardin Valley HS next year and almost all of the rest going to Farragut, our class is going to lose a lot of really great people. Another change is that we're leaving our comfort zone- middle school. It's not really that different from elementary.. besides the fact that we get a few new classes, 5 teachers, and a locker. Woo hoo, big deal. It's basically the same thing.
But high school will be different. And of course, we'll all adjust- we always do. But just the fact that we have heard all about what's coming but haven't really experienced it is just a tiny little bit unsettling to me. I am so ready to move on, but I will miss the feel of our little middle school and the people in it.
Another thing about the people-
As we started really seeing it this year, people have started finding themselves and choosing their paths in life. The choices we make and the kind of people we are and ultimately the lives we will lead are all becoming more defined as we continue the trek through school. We have always kind of known which people will end up making the bad decisions and who will be successful but now more than ever we know. We know who will lose their lives to drugs and drinking. We know which people will most likely end up with a baby on their hands by the end of high school due to very poor choices... and values.
This is not to say that the people we don't expect to make poor decisions will not have these things happen to them... because they will. Some of the people who we would never expect bad things from will become sucked into whatever.
But in the midst of the people who chose the wrong roads, there are the people who will rise above the challenges and thrive through high school and lead very successful lives. I respect them and have a very good idea about who these people are. I know that most- if not all- of my friends will be successful, because that is just a natural quality that breezes along with the people I value as my friends.
I will pity the people who are not so fortunate to have great lives.. but really it's all about choices. YOU choose your own path, not other people. So GOOD LUCK in high school and in life wherever you are going and I will value you and your friendship FOREVER!!!! (even if I never see you ever again..)
Well, now that I have that off my chest...ha ha!! Truthfully, it doesn't feel like summer.... yet. It just feels like Friday. The school year definitely does not feel over!! It's SO weird!!
Anyway, I'm going to have a pretty AMAZING summer!! SO.... I'll keep you updated. Hey- if you get lucky (and if I have the time) I might even post twice.. IN ONE DAY!!! I know, hold the applause.. no seriously.. if you're randomly clapping someone in your house is going to think you have another screw loose...
Ha ha!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rise of the Changeling

My church puts on absolutely incredible vacation bible schools. Year after year, more talent, hard work, and determination is put into the program. But once you think about it, the lights and the music and the set and the acting and everything should have nothing to with the reason we go there. We go to VBS for Him, and Him only.
Over the past years, my church has put on..

1-The Gloomsday Caper
2-The Master of the Stone
3-Polly and the Pirate King
5-Camp Outrageous
6-The Ancient Armor

and now...

The Rise of the Changeling

If you didn't already see a slight pattern, they usually base the theme off of the year's popular movie. I'm not sure what the first one was based around, but the second one was based on The Lord of the Rings, 3rd one- Pirates of the Caribbean, 4th- Narnia, 5th- not sure, 6th-not sure (the Holy Grail maybe?), and this year, they're basing it off of.......

The Dark Knight!

We're building the whole city out into the sanctuary and up the the walls and it's going to be amazing!! Tonight we went over there and I painted a few canvases. I will probably be doing that the first week we're out of school.

Anyone want to help??

Seriously!! It doesn't matter where you go to church! There are only 10 or 15 people there, and we're all spread out working! Just let me know!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Making out in the rain... and then running into your mom's car...

Actually, it was in reverse order. I ran into mom's car and then made out in the rain with my boyfriend... oops!!



It was my neighbor. She is a freshman at UT and ever since we moved in (when she was a sophomore at Farragut High) she has always had a guy to stand out in the moonlight with. And she stands out by his car and makes out with him for like 2 hours before he leaves. Indecent exposure much? Ehemm... get a room! Or maybe she already did...

Let me back up...

My neighbors have two girls- the one discussed above- Kristin- and another in 7th grade-Sarah- who might be headed down the same path.

Since the beginning of last summer, a 98' 2 door silver pickup has been pulling in their driveway 3-4 times a day. And his arrival results in a little too long embrace delivered by Krissie herself. My family has a few different theories, but of this one we're almost sure: Eddie's little angel has a baby on the way. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a little too much fun one day in her dorm... because she's moved back home. We also think they're engaged (most likely because of the little bambino). ANYWAY- it's just a very possible guess.

Now onto the running into her mom's car..

So as Kristin was backing out in her little black Accord, she ran into the front of her mom's black Sequoya. (And her dad has a black Envoy. Weird... haha) So she was like freaking out and her mom and dad and her and her man were all gathered around the two cars in their rain ponchos. They were a funny sight to see.

Meanwhile, Sam and I were playing our version of tennis in our driveway, watching them.

It looked like it did more damage to Kristin's car than her mom's. And she was totally freaking out!! It was hilarious!! So after 15 minutes of speculating, the crowd went back into the house. And then we saw Kristin and her boy toy sneak back outside and start making out AGAIN around the side of the house.

And the funny part was that her dad stuck his head out the door and started yelling her name. And Kristin, emerging for air, is like "yeahh??" and then Eddie was like "oh, there you are! Just wanted to see where you were!" And then he went back inside and his daughter returned to her previous activity/ occupation.

The weird thing is that she's like the only one in the neighborhood who does it. You NEVER see anyone else engaging in that. While standing in their driveway at least...

Anyway, after we went inside, Sam was like "Savannah, if I ever see you making out with a guy like that, you're toast." Umm.. over[protective much?? Lol. Ha ha. I love my little brother!!

Like that will happen... idk. I'm not the type of person to expose myself like that... inside the house or in the woods by the lake or down on the boat are different matters..jk...heheh...

And remember-
Yesterday's history and tomorrow's a mystery..
Haha, I just heard that on TV!! Wow.. I am so weird. Oh well!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Burn, baby, burn!

Ahh... today was field day. I signed up for 2 events, but I didn't do either one of them. It seems like a cloud of laziness engulfs me every field day. Funny how that happens....
Anyway, I sat there in the sun and roasted and burned. I now look like a bright glowing red ripe tomato. It's pretty cool but a little painful at the same time!
We also got our yearbooks today. I really like them this year, and the yearbook staff did an amazing job, as usual. I loved all of the signatures and NOVELS that people wrote in them, and it makes me already miss them so much more. *tear* Jordan and Gloria I AM GOING TO MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Seriously you guys. My eyes water every time I think of you leaving me. Dang it they are now! Look at that! You just made me cry!! UGH!!
Anyway, I decided to just type everything that everyone said. Because you guys know I love you and you are all so amazing and kind. And then I'm going to re-write you another yearbook signing. Because once I think about it, I really did you no glory. And you deserve wayy better than what I spouted off the top of my head!! So here are some of my amazing yearbook signatures! (In order that they were written across the page)

"You rock so much! I am so glad you are going to Farragut! We gotta hang out this summer. You'll love the triplets! haha. Love you, Allie"
"Luv ya! C U @ Camp =) -Emily L."
"Mike T-Salts"
"Janelle Graves"
"Hey have a great summer, Kathy"
"I <3 Savannah! -Shaina Song I LOVE YOU WHITE CRACKER!!"
"This has been so much fun! We are TOTALLY keeping in touch! I admire you greatly and you're a great person! no kidding! <3 Jordan
"I <3 U- Lydia Hu (and then a bunch of random stuff in Chinese)
"Your awesome! H.A.G.S. -Empress-"
"Abby Icenhour =P"
"Susie Jensen ROX"
"Lester Finuf"
"Daisy Cheng"
"You are awesome -Allison Schneider"
"Hey your awesome -Spandana"
"Fun times in PE!! H.A.G.S -Maranda"
"Savannah you retard, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GOING TO FARRAGUT?? Do have some mental problem?!? jk. But I love you, you white cracker! I will miss you extremely, SO LET'S KEEP IN TOUCH!!! Love you white cracker!, Gloria :) PS you better transfer to HVA next year!"

GLORIA!!!!! Lol.

Well, I was going to write them all (because there are so, so many!!) but that was only the first 2 pages and it takes time!! Ha ha, plus I'm lazy!! So time to re-write my signatures...

You are a really cool person. I love your personality (even though you do talk about soccer wayy too much.. ;D) and you are just awesome. We click perfectly. Thanks for being there for me through everything. Thanks for being such an amazing friend. I am so glad I'll be at Farragut next year! Because frankly, I think we're just a couple of pop tarts. LOL!!! Much Love, Savannah

You are an absolutely amazing person. I love your outlook and your radiance. You emit this happiness that lights up a room. That's why I say "Jordan Kirchner is amazing!!" BECAUSE YOU ARE!! You are just so awesome and I can already see that you are going to change the world. And when you do, I will point you out on TV to my kids and be like "THAT is Jordan. I knew her!! See? This is how far you can go when you really try." I AM GOING TO MISS YOU SO much next year!! We WILL stay in touch!! No kidding. Ha ha! Much Love, Savannah

I really have had a lot of fun with you this year. Though you may be small, you have one heck of a personality Gloria!! And that's what I love about you! Your unique, genuine personality. I enjoy being around you and, once again, I AM GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! We have to hang out this summer! Got it? Good. Bless your little Asian heart!!! (lol) Much Love, Savannah
PS- I'm sorry, but that transfer ain't gonna happen!! You're the one that will be transferring once you see how much you miss me!! Lol!


Aaaahh!! Tears again!! Thanks you guys. Oh, and if you want me to actually re-sign your yearbooks (LOL) just let me know and I'll re-copy away!! Ha ha!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Life as a Sitcom

Whenever I get sick or I just want to stay home and do nothing or its summer I turn on ABC Family! It's kind of lame- I know. But I love Full House and the old Boy Meets World episodes and What I Like About You and Family Matters!! Because who doesn't LOVE Steve Urkel?

In the sad, sad case that you don't know Urkel, he is the nerdiest neighbor of all time. But you have to love him.

So yeah that show is pretty awesome!

When I went up to Louisville, my great grandmother was watching Golden Girls (a show about 4 best friends who have fun despite their expiring ages). One of the Golden Girls just died on April 25th, and there was a marathon in her honor. Another one was already dead. Anyway so I watched about 3 hours of Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel.

Strangely enough, I LOVE the hallmark channel. Where else can you find the old movies that aren't that great and no one wants anymore? Um NOWHERE! Hallmark - or as I like to call it- ( first part in high pitched voice) Halla-mark- REVIVES movies and old shows that are actually pretty crazy awesome!!

Also when I am bored, I watch random movies on HBO and TBS and TNT. I also watch Law and Order- which is great since its always on at least 2 different channels at the same time, so I get variety. CSI, whatever. I watch 'em all. Eventually of course, this gets boring. I go outside and do stuff too! I don't really watch TV all the time and let my brain rot and flow into modern day television's mold (that's what the internet-Facebook, Blogger, random games- is for!).


If my life were a sitcom...

I would come home to an amazing house and an amazing husband who's crazy about me and I the same to him (umm.. yeah I'm talking about what would happen in like 10 years... don't plan on me gettin a man anytime soon!). And we would have 3 little girls- boys are WAY too much of a problem- and they would all be well behaved (of course. look who their mom would be!) and amazing. And I would have no worries and I could do as I pleased. I don't know exactly what job I would have. Definitely something in the movie biz. Or radio broadcasting- just don't make me the weather person! Ugh!

Anyway I definitely do not have to worry about all of this now. And I don't even know why it popped up. I'm just going to let everything fall into place... wonderfully.

Ooh!! And I have MORE pictures!!!

I absolutely LOVE this one!!! Landon and me!! Yeah.. I have no idea what we were watching... lol!!

Me- look at my blue eyes POP!! Ha ha! They haven't changed a bit... though I have to admit, I don't exactly go around in a Kentucky Wildcats cheerleading jumper anymore. Especially not in Tennessee!! Lol!

Us on Mother's Day

I know, I know. My amazingness broke your computer. I'm sorry!!

(Ha ha!! JUST KIDDING!! Every one knows only Jordan Kirchner can do that!!)

=) =P =D

Yeah. I went there.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Lonely Roses and the Friendly Groundhog

I'm sitting here looking at the two roses my mom and I received on Sunday. Wow, that waitress was unforgettable.. ha ha!! They look so lonely in the vase... but they have each other, so it's all good. As long as they have each other...

I don't believe I have told my tale of the friendly groundhog! Well, one late Sunday afternoon, my mom had to go to something at church and Sam and I were with her. We were wandering around the church when we ended up on the side where they're doing construction. There is a hill and then a little strip of woods. Magical woods. So Sam and I climbed up the steep hill and went into the magical forest.

We followed the path and came across a huge hole. A groundhog hole. Now as I have mentioned, the woods were magical. So does this apply to its occupants? Most definitely.

Long story short, the groundhog kept peeping his head out of his hole and then going back in. Then he came out and stared at me. Then I started talking to him... then he ran! Or scurried..

Well whatever the case, it was pretty crazy awesome. That was one amazing groundhog.

Anyway... now for a frolic down memory lane!!

Landon with me as a baby

Sam, in baby form. He was THE CUTEST!!!

Me, age 2 or 3. I don't know.

Me age 4 with Sam. (I'm in my dance costume.)

My grandmother, Sam, and Me- showing Sam my panda! Ha ha!

My school picture- age 6 (kindergarten.. or 1st grade...)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stress: Relieved

I am finally starting to breathe again. We had the science end of course test today, and it was pretty easy. Same went for the math EOC test on Monday. I didn't really study for either of them (heheh...) and I guess I had myself worrying about nothing. Oh yeah! And we have the geology paper due tomorrow. I had been putting it off for a week and a half. But when I got home today, I focused and got through it. So, now my paper is complete in all its 676 words of glory. Speaking of GLORIa!!
I can't believe that Gloria and Jordan are going to Hardin Valley next year!! Why did they even build Hardin Valley? I can understand that the Karns people need a new high school. But they really shouldn't drag the Farragut people over as well. I am going to miss them SOOO much!! You guys better keep in touch. Haha!!
Anyway, I am going to be devastated without my wonderful pals!
Going back to Gloria-
Today I started wondering to myself how people could pick on little Gloria. I don't know if it's her 'seemingly' (jk) innocence or her Asian-ness, but people seem to enjoy giving Gloria a hard time!! Because everyone knows that Gloria is AMAZING!! And crazy awesome!!
In random relativeness to the whole 'picking on people' thing: during recess today, the same guys played wall ball (ugh). This little kid apparently didn't tag the wall fast enough, so he had to take the punishment- which is getting pegged by the guy with the hardest, most painful arm.

Pointless? Yes. Pleasureable? Not for the one getting pegged. Funny? Definitely.

So this little kid- whose spine looked like it would snap when the impact of the tennis ball connected- tried to worm his way out of it. And the pegger- cough MJ cough- was like (and in a nonchalant, almos cruel tone) "Turn around- it will hurt less."
Well. If the kid wasn't already wigged enough... So the other guys are like "Yeah! Hit em'" and whatever. So MJ throws the ball as hard as he can and the other kid- being smart- dodged it. Every one started yelling a him.
If I were that kid, I would have just walked away. But they kept throwing insults at him and whatnot. Bullying basically.
I know that getting pegged with the tennis ball is part of the game. But really?? Geez. I can't believe they even play wall ball. I've never been a fan of it myself (nor have I been necessarily good at it) and now my thoughts toward the game have narrowed into one door. The door of stupidity.
Does that even make sense??
I don't know but whatever. The funny thing is that you read it all! Haha!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pigeons Better Watch Out

Today was really fun. We woke up, had donuts for breakfast, went to church, went to Aubrey's, went to Fort Sanders, got ice cream, then came home. I had many interesting experiences and encounters today-
At Aubrey's:
Being Mother's Day, of course the restaurant was packed. We ended up sitting on the patio. There was one waitress for like 6 tables! And she was crazy!! We kept asking her for stuff and she never brought them out. And then finally, she took our check and didn't come back with the change for like 15 minutes. And then she couldn't count out the change. Oh, and for Mother's Day, Aubrey's was giving out yellow and pink roses. She brought out one for my mom and handed it to her. And then she gave me one saying "I feel like I should give you one too." I was thinking that she had an extra rose so she gave it to me. Either that or she assumes that all teenagers are getting preagnant so might as well start handing out roses to all girls who look old enough to be in red pod... (ok, ya totally kidding...)
Wow. I have to applaud her for trying to make things better. But the funny thing is that she miscounted and she shorted a woman at the neighboring table! Haha!!
Then, later at Fort Sanders, we were playing tennis. My brother has a killer powershot. So we lost a lot of balls over the fence. He hit one really hard and we all turned to watch it soar over the fence. Then there was an explosion of feathers as we watched the ball take out a bird. Haha!! It didn't die. don't worry! It was fine.. I think...
Anyway, my brother got his license last Tuesday. Today, Mom let him drive us around everywhere (and yes, my brother is an amazing driver) and I realized the measure of freedom we now have. If we want to go see a random movie at 11 or 12, no one's sleep needs are disturbed. We can just ask if we can go and if the answer is yes, we can go and Mom can just go back to sleep! If we want to drive up to the lake for the weekend (with their approval, again) we can go right up to the Bowlings' lakehouse and chill. He now has money, since his new job. He's making enough to have his car by the end of the summer. It's going to be amazing!!

A Tribute to my Mom, plus a smidgen about Willy Wonka

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I just blogged my little heart out on Thursday's post, plus I didn't really have the time. Anyway, in honor of Mother's Day:
My mom is one of the strongest, most amazing people you will ever meet. She has been through enough financial and emotional stress to set someone of their rocker, yet she keeps pushing through it all. My mom is my teacher, my rock (after Jesus), my leader, and everything I aspire to be. She is also one of the strongest Christians I know. Mom sets a great example to everyone who sees her. We've gotten through a lot this year and the past years, and I will love her forever. I love you Mom, Happy Mother's Day!!!

Now onto Willy Wonka-
Last night, I went and saw the play- again! I saw it the first night it opened and then the last performance. I liked the second one better because it seemed like everyone had found their roles and got into them a lot better. As far as that goes, I think that the people who played their roles best (with my experience) were definitely Brett and Rachel as the Gloops. They had the perfect accents and Brett had the perfect voice and everything for Augustus. Also, Haley and Maggie as the Beuregards were fabulous, as were Brooke and Skylar as the Teavees. The Salts were poorly casted... Although if little Meg had not gone psycho and went OD, she would have pulled the two together to make them believable. Remember: poor choices yield consequences.
Jake was a good Charlie. He did need to smile a bit more, even despite his tragic life. It looks bad onstage to be frowning and zoning out all the time. But he did a great job. Erin and Tyler did great as the parents of Charlie, but I did not really care for Brian as Grandpa Joe. It was obvious that he overstressed his role...
Now for the vocal highlights-
Erin, Brooke, Paul, Rachel, Haley, and that girl who played next to Jake during the school kid scene all by far had the best voices and the most potential. But next to all of these talented people, there was one that shone the brightest... who? The great JORDAN KIRCHNER!! Though she played an oompa loompa and spent most of her time out of the spotlight, she will be the one going to Broadway, not Paul. =)
Anyway, EVERYONE did an amazing spectacular crazy awesome job and I absolutely LOVED IT! (Even if Jordan Kirchner was the best and made the rest of you look like cupcakes without icing...)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Harold Bob Franklin Rehder Jr. III and Other Adventures of Yours Truly

Haha! I stole this idea from Allie, who stole it from someone else. Every time something disappears or some one gets mysteriously punched in the back or their hair pulled, the crime was obviously committed by my little invisible friend- Harold Bob Franklin Rehder Jr. III. Harold lives in Ms. Rehder's classroom. He sits next to me in Reading & LA. Oh, and he's Ms. Rehder's brother!! Haha- Suzannah came up with the last name and the explanation...

No!! I'm not going crazy!!!
It's fun to blame everything on an imagined wrongdoer. Then no one is guilty!!
Wow... maybe I am...
Anyway, an update on the situations I am facing:
Yesterday, on my way to The Edge, my mom finally dropped the rest of the bomb. She told me that she had signed the divorce papers that morning, around 10. I was just like-
"Yeah, okaayyy... It's not a big deal. I knew it was coming, I'm fine. It will be a lot better this way... life will be easier."
So I was fine.
Until I got into church. When Stan (youth minister) was talking to us, he kept telling us that he knew we all faced battles. From trying to fit in at school (which I have no problem with- as in I don't care) to going home to a war zone. He talked on and then gave us time to pray at the end, and we could leave whenever we wanted to. Well, I sat there and prayed about the situation with Kelsey and my parents. Almost everyone around me left, but I sat there with the lights dimmed in the huge middle school worship room holding my head in my hands.
And then it all hit me.
Everything that I am going to lose. Everything that is going to change. Everything that I'm going to have to go through. Everything.
And Lester, who had been sitting a few rows away (praying about his grandfather who died last week) came over and sat next to me. He put his arm around me and asked me if I was ok.
"Yeah" I choked out. Then he left.
Then I realized that no, I was most definitely NOT ok. I was in a very hard place to be.
And then i started to cry.
And I didn't pull myself together for like 10 minutes. I was in a very hard place to be.
Now, it's not like there were all of theses people around. There were maybe 8 or 9 people spread out in the room. And as I sat there, I felt another person come up to me and put their arm around me.
A voice told me "Hey- whatever you're going through, He's here for you."
I know.
I looked up and saw Sarah's face, then put my face back in my hands. Then I felt another person- Emily- come up and hug me. And Emily said "Ohh, Savannah. It's ok."
They eventually they left. I sat there for a while longer, then went out. I cut through the old gym in the family life center and then walked around randomly in a daze. As i walked down the hallway, I saw the stairway that led to the old children's wing where I used to go to Sunday School. I went up the stairs and ended up sitting against a wall outside a few classrooms.
Oh, I was done crying by then. So I sat there and then called Kelsey. She had texted me that she wanted me to call her later because we needed to talk about some things...
So I called her.
And I tried to talk some sense into her, but of course, she went into the mode she does whenever I try to talk to her about this. It's even worse over the phone. She gets mad at me and starts raising her voice to unnecessary levels. And I can handle that. I just talked to her in the same quiet, calm voice. But when she started trying to talk bad about Allie, I was like "Whoa there. Ok, that's enough."
I kept trying to tell her that she won't get anything sorted out unless she talked to Allie herself. And this should be easy, right? No. Kelsey refuses to talk to her. She said she could not and would not. And once she said that, I was like 'ok'. It was obvious that once we hit that roadblock, It was pointless to even talk to her about it.
So still being vulnerable after my emotional breakdown 15 minutes earlier, tears filled my eyes yet again. As my voice cracked I said "I have to go. Bye." And I didn't have another complete breakdown. Just a 15 second one.
So THEN I got another call 5 minutes later. And who was it? My fairy godmother. She was intervening, once again. The one person that Kelsey turns to whenever she does this. She told me that Kelsey said she was really, really sorry (why she didn't say that to me directly, I'll never know) and that she wanted this to be over.
Yeah, well I talked to her again today. I told her "We won't get anything solved unless we all get together and talk. We need to sort this out."
And her response was "I'm not talking to Allie."
See, the thing is, if she really wanted to get everything fixed and worked out, she would swallow her pride or whatever, and do what needs to be done. And she knows what that is.
All I can say is WOW.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The land between the two armies. Once again, that's me! As you may or may not know, Kelsey (no, I'm not going to make up names this time) has been completely avoiding me.
Why? She is mad at me. And Allie.
Why? Me- because she thinks I'm replacing her. Allie- I don't know exactly why, but I do know that she does not have very pleasant thoughts or feelings toward her. And some other stuff..
She has been giving me the cold shoulder, as in: not talking to me unless prompted, left the lunch table and is now sitting with my replacement (toward whom I have no hard feelings), and the other usual stuff. I keep trying to get the point across: It's not between us, it's her problem. But yet, she continues her path of destruction.
This is my message to her:
what part of 'treat others the way you want to be treated' did you miss?? just because you have a problem with her, don't take it out on me and avoid me. friends don't do that. it is uncalled for, irrational, annoying, pointless, and selfish. it's between you and her. leave me out of it. did you forget that you're my friend and i love you?? please, think of me...
But does she care? Apparently not...
So, I guess all I can do now is pray.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How I came to be at Farragut

A brief story of the past 6 or so years of my life...
We moved to Knoxille in 2001 from Lexington, KY. Then, we lived in the AL Lotts/West Valley/ Bearden school zone. I was home schooled when we first got here (well, we called it that, but let's just say I basically skipped most of 2nd grade. I blame my poor handwriting skills on this brief withdraw from school). I started 3rd grade @ Lotts elementary.
My little brother started elementary school at A.L. Lotts. Mold grew in the walls and under the foundation. So whenever the air or heat was turned on, the mold spores were blown through the vents and sprinkled upon the hard working kindergarteners. He became very sick and lost a lot of weight, couldn't focus, etc. This went on through 1st grade and then in 2nd grade, he was placed in a classroom out in the portable trailer things. My mom, being the dectective she is, investigated into the cause of Sam's worsened sickness and discovered stagnant water underneath the portable. Obviously, this led to the mold problems in his classroom. Meanwhile, Landon was in 7th grade at West Valley. Coincidentally, there was severe mold issues in the 7th grade wing. He was fine in 6th, but he got sick in 7th and his lung capacity and pulminary function readings went down. Landon ended up spending his 7th grade year sitting in a room in the WVMS library with two girls and another guy. All of them were 7th graders in the same boat.
My mom went before the school board TWICE (different years) to present her case. It was pretty intense and big... she was on TV twice for it and she had 4 other moms and 2 teachers on her side. It was crazy!!
Anyway, so with mold in both places for the boys, (I being basically unaffected by this) a series of events took place that led me on my way to Farragut.
After I completed 5th grade (and had my heart set on my middle school destiny- West Valley- where all of my friends were going), my parents crushed my hopes and dreams when they declared we were moving to Farragut. I was completely devastated. How could they take away my friends and control my life like that? I stayed mad at them for a very long time.
Well, I started 6th grade in Blue Pod. Oh, and Landon had to start 8th grade in Orange Pod. I can now see how hard it was for him. I had it easy. I would NOT want to start 8th grade in a new school.
So Landon eventually adjusted and went on to the high school.
Sam had more mold problems at a Farragut Intermediate School... he had developed a severe mold allergy that left permant damage on him. (well, on his allergies) So he spent a lot of his 4th and 3rd grade years out of school. My mom got a transfer approved to Hardin Valley Elementary halfway through his 4th grade yr. This year, he will start 6th grade at FMS and let's HOPE that he doesn't have any issues...


So if my brothers had not gotten sick, I would be at West Valley and next year Bearden. I would have never met any of you (wait, I did meet Jordan Kirchner before that!! We were on the same Upward basketball team!! Haha!) and I would have been missing out on some great people and great times. And it's all thanks to the mold. Wow.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Ghost of a Farm

When my mom was growing up, her grandmother had a 78 acre farm. There was a barn, two ponds, a spring, a graveyard (from about 200 years ago), plus some other stuff. They had cattle, 5 or 6 dogs running around, a special cow named Moo Moo, a pony named Babydoll, and my mom's favorite, a horse named King. When she went to the farm, King would be waiting for her at the fence. My mom used to ride him bareback, holding on for dear life. She took him on a trail in the woods, around the house, through the pastures, and wherever else she pleased.
Her grandmother's house was Quaker style. There were 2 doors on the front of the house- one for men, and one for women. Since the Quakers believed in purity, the men and women did not sleep in the same part of the house.
The barn was behind the house, near the chicken coops. There was as smokehouse next to the house. 'Uncle Roy', as she called him, (who was really her step-grandpa) would use the smokehouse to make the meat. In the summer, he would grill out there because it was easier.
The garden was huge. It ran parallel to the house, beside the smokehouse. The old graveyard was near the gardens, and behind it lay the woods. The spring was found within the deep woods.
And here's the most interesting thing- the woods are the Sleepy Hollow. They are the woods after which the book was written. Isn't that cool?
The two ponds were in opposite directions diagonal from both sides of the house. She would go fishing with her older brother, Jeff, and her younger brother, Jon.

The farm was pure, peaceful, and beautiful.

Today we went out to the old farm. It was a bit of a disappointment. There are huge houses built up all around the house. You have to drive literally through a neighborhood to get there. The barn was gone. The smokehouse was in ruins and shambles. Where there used to be flat pastures, the rich people in their mansions had their yards perfectly mowed in their special checkerboard fashion. That really disgusts me.
The flower garden was gone, and in its place were some weed like bushes. The vegetable gardens had also become part of someone's lawn.
However, in the midst of all of the sadness, there were a few things still there. We saw the old graveyard, surrounded by its old wrought iron fence. You could even still make out some of the gravestones and their inscriptions. We saw the rock that they used to sit on, eating their picnic lunches, and look out over Sleepy Hollow. I got to see the actual Sleepy Hollow. Oh, and we also saw the old road (which was more like a one horse trail) running along the steep embankment that mom used to take King on. You could hear the spring running off in the distance below us.
So, it was pretty cool to see almost everything my mom had told us all about. Oh, yeah! And we actually got to go into the house. It was neat to hear my mom and Uncle Jon take us through and tell us all about it.
And the mark of the Quakers? Above the doorway to the back porch were the numbers '1799' which was obviously when the house was built. It was an amazing experience.