Friday, May 15, 2009

Burn, baby, burn!

Ahh... today was field day. I signed up for 2 events, but I didn't do either one of them. It seems like a cloud of laziness engulfs me every field day. Funny how that happens....
Anyway, I sat there in the sun and roasted and burned. I now look like a bright glowing red ripe tomato. It's pretty cool but a little painful at the same time!
We also got our yearbooks today. I really like them this year, and the yearbook staff did an amazing job, as usual. I loved all of the signatures and NOVELS that people wrote in them, and it makes me already miss them so much more. *tear* Jordan and Gloria I AM GOING TO MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Seriously you guys. My eyes water every time I think of you leaving me. Dang it they are now! Look at that! You just made me cry!! UGH!!
Anyway, I decided to just type everything that everyone said. Because you guys know I love you and you are all so amazing and kind. And then I'm going to re-write you another yearbook signing. Because once I think about it, I really did you no glory. And you deserve wayy better than what I spouted off the top of my head!! So here are some of my amazing yearbook signatures! (In order that they were written across the page)

"You rock so much! I am so glad you are going to Farragut! We gotta hang out this summer. You'll love the triplets! haha. Love you, Allie"
"Luv ya! C U @ Camp =) -Emily L."
"Mike T-Salts"
"Janelle Graves"
"Hey have a great summer, Kathy"
"I <3 Savannah! -Shaina Song I LOVE YOU WHITE CRACKER!!"
"This has been so much fun! We are TOTALLY keeping in touch! I admire you greatly and you're a great person! no kidding! <3 Jordan
"I <3 U- Lydia Hu (and then a bunch of random stuff in Chinese)
"Your awesome! H.A.G.S. -Empress-"
"Abby Icenhour =P"
"Susie Jensen ROX"
"Lester Finuf"
"Daisy Cheng"
"You are awesome -Allison Schneider"
"Hey your awesome -Spandana"
"Fun times in PE!! H.A.G.S -Maranda"
"Savannah you retard, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GOING TO FARRAGUT?? Do have some mental problem?!? jk. But I love you, you white cracker! I will miss you extremely, SO LET'S KEEP IN TOUCH!!! Love you white cracker!, Gloria :) PS you better transfer to HVA next year!"

GLORIA!!!!! Lol.

Well, I was going to write them all (because there are so, so many!!) but that was only the first 2 pages and it takes time!! Ha ha, plus I'm lazy!! So time to re-write my signatures...

You are a really cool person. I love your personality (even though you do talk about soccer wayy too much.. ;D) and you are just awesome. We click perfectly. Thanks for being there for me through everything. Thanks for being such an amazing friend. I am so glad I'll be at Farragut next year! Because frankly, I think we're just a couple of pop tarts. LOL!!! Much Love, Savannah

You are an absolutely amazing person. I love your outlook and your radiance. You emit this happiness that lights up a room. That's why I say "Jordan Kirchner is amazing!!" BECAUSE YOU ARE!! You are just so awesome and I can already see that you are going to change the world. And when you do, I will point you out on TV to my kids and be like "THAT is Jordan. I knew her!! See? This is how far you can go when you really try." I AM GOING TO MISS YOU SO much next year!! We WILL stay in touch!! No kidding. Ha ha! Much Love, Savannah

I really have had a lot of fun with you this year. Though you may be small, you have one heck of a personality Gloria!! And that's what I love about you! Your unique, genuine personality. I enjoy being around you and, once again, I AM GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! We have to hang out this summer! Got it? Good. Bless your little Asian heart!!! (lol) Much Love, Savannah
PS- I'm sorry, but that transfer ain't gonna happen!! You're the one that will be transferring once you see how much you miss me!! Lol!


Aaaahh!! Tears again!! Thanks you guys. Oh, and if you want me to actually re-sign your yearbooks (LOL) just let me know and I'll re-copy away!! Ha ha!

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