Monday, May 4, 2009

How I came to be at Farragut

A brief story of the past 6 or so years of my life...
We moved to Knoxille in 2001 from Lexington, KY. Then, we lived in the AL Lotts/West Valley/ Bearden school zone. I was home schooled when we first got here (well, we called it that, but let's just say I basically skipped most of 2nd grade. I blame my poor handwriting skills on this brief withdraw from school). I started 3rd grade @ Lotts elementary.
My little brother started elementary school at A.L. Lotts. Mold grew in the walls and under the foundation. So whenever the air or heat was turned on, the mold spores were blown through the vents and sprinkled upon the hard working kindergarteners. He became very sick and lost a lot of weight, couldn't focus, etc. This went on through 1st grade and then in 2nd grade, he was placed in a classroom out in the portable trailer things. My mom, being the dectective she is, investigated into the cause of Sam's worsened sickness and discovered stagnant water underneath the portable. Obviously, this led to the mold problems in his classroom. Meanwhile, Landon was in 7th grade at West Valley. Coincidentally, there was severe mold issues in the 7th grade wing. He was fine in 6th, but he got sick in 7th and his lung capacity and pulminary function readings went down. Landon ended up spending his 7th grade year sitting in a room in the WVMS library with two girls and another guy. All of them were 7th graders in the same boat.
My mom went before the school board TWICE (different years) to present her case. It was pretty intense and big... she was on TV twice for it and she had 4 other moms and 2 teachers on her side. It was crazy!!
Anyway, so with mold in both places for the boys, (I being basically unaffected by this) a series of events took place that led me on my way to Farragut.
After I completed 5th grade (and had my heart set on my middle school destiny- West Valley- where all of my friends were going), my parents crushed my hopes and dreams when they declared we were moving to Farragut. I was completely devastated. How could they take away my friends and control my life like that? I stayed mad at them for a very long time.
Well, I started 6th grade in Blue Pod. Oh, and Landon had to start 8th grade in Orange Pod. I can now see how hard it was for him. I had it easy. I would NOT want to start 8th grade in a new school.
So Landon eventually adjusted and went on to the high school.
Sam had more mold problems at a Farragut Intermediate School... he had developed a severe mold allergy that left permant damage on him. (well, on his allergies) So he spent a lot of his 4th and 3rd grade years out of school. My mom got a transfer approved to Hardin Valley Elementary halfway through his 4th grade yr. This year, he will start 6th grade at FMS and let's HOPE that he doesn't have any issues...


So if my brothers had not gotten sick, I would be at West Valley and next year Bearden. I would have never met any of you (wait, I did meet Jordan Kirchner before that!! We were on the same Upward basketball team!! Haha!) and I would have been missing out on some great people and great times. And it's all thanks to the mold. Wow.

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