Friday, May 22, 2009

Is it really summer already?

Today was the last day of school. But this Italicyear it wasn't just a day of "Bye!! See ya next year!!"
...because the sad fact is that we're probably not going to see a fourth or a third of our classmates ever again. With some people going to Hardin Valley HS next year and almost all of the rest going to Farragut, our class is going to lose a lot of really great people. Another change is that we're leaving our comfort zone- middle school. It's not really that different from elementary.. besides the fact that we get a few new classes, 5 teachers, and a locker. Woo hoo, big deal. It's basically the same thing.
But high school will be different. And of course, we'll all adjust- we always do. But just the fact that we have heard all about what's coming but haven't really experienced it is just a tiny little bit unsettling to me. I am so ready to move on, but I will miss the feel of our little middle school and the people in it.
Another thing about the people-
As we started really seeing it this year, people have started finding themselves and choosing their paths in life. The choices we make and the kind of people we are and ultimately the lives we will lead are all becoming more defined as we continue the trek through school. We have always kind of known which people will end up making the bad decisions and who will be successful but now more than ever we know. We know who will lose their lives to drugs and drinking. We know which people will most likely end up with a baby on their hands by the end of high school due to very poor choices... and values.
This is not to say that the people we don't expect to make poor decisions will not have these things happen to them... because they will. Some of the people who we would never expect bad things from will become sucked into whatever.
But in the midst of the people who chose the wrong roads, there are the people who will rise above the challenges and thrive through high school and lead very successful lives. I respect them and have a very good idea about who these people are. I know that most- if not all- of my friends will be successful, because that is just a natural quality that breezes along with the people I value as my friends.
I will pity the people who are not so fortunate to have great lives.. but really it's all about choices. YOU choose your own path, not other people. So GOOD LUCK in high school and in life wherever you are going and I will value you and your friendship FOREVER!!!! (even if I never see you ever again..)
Well, now that I have that off my chest...ha ha!! Truthfully, it doesn't feel like summer.... yet. It just feels like Friday. The school year definitely does not feel over!! It's SO weird!!
Anyway, I'm going to have a pretty AMAZING summer!! SO.... I'll keep you updated. Hey- if you get lucky (and if I have the time) I might even post twice.. IN ONE DAY!!! I know, hold the applause.. no seriously.. if you're randomly clapping someone in your house is going to think you have another screw loose...
Ha ha!!


  1. i think i creeped out Aunt Lindsey with the clapping and crying at appropriate times.... oh well! just one more person to add to the list! hahaha

  2. Auunnnnt Lindsaaaayyy!! Haha!! Nice!

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