Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laptop = FIXED!!

After my strange encounter with the Geek Squad at Best Buy, I laid my precious laptop to rest. A new adapter AND a new battery were going to cost me A LOT of money (that I don't have) so I left it in the box to collect dust.


My dad has a friend who is a COMPLETE computer geek. He builds laptops all the time, knows his way around all of the computer software in the world... you get the picture. So Dad took my little Acer Aspire to Scott and he fixed the adapter. WOO!! The downside is that my laptop no longer has a battery.. which means if I unplug it from the wall, it turns off. So it always has to be plugged in. Which is wayy better than not even having a laptop at all!!!

So tomorrow I get to go back to Webb!! 8 weeks of volunteering at Drama camp with the drama teacher/expert/guru and the other two people about my age who volunteer- Beth-one of my good friends- and Neal- the boy prodigy. He is a great actor, has a great voice, and he can pick up almost any instrument and play it. It's crazy!!
At Drama Camp, I go there from 9-2 and help stage manage, direct, and keep the kids (well most of them are kids. i think it's from grades 4-7) in order. You really get to see the talent shine from the kids as they learn and become better. Some of them are just really great and they don't even know it!! And some of them are just REALLY great and they know they are.
See, theatre people are different than other people. They are deeper and have BIG personalities. And so many other things! Anyway, I go and spend pretty much all day in nice cold air conditioning in the theatre, building friendships and alliances with the kids who really look up to me and fight over who gets to sit at my lunch table. Ha ha!! (no, seriously... they do) Speaking of lunch... Webb has AWESOME lunches!!! I absolutely LOVE them. Those rich kids eat well...

Anyway, it's going to be AMAZING!! I've been anticipating it since it ended last summer. SO excited!!

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