Saturday, May 16, 2009

Making out in the rain... and then running into your mom's car...

Actually, it was in reverse order. I ran into mom's car and then made out in the rain with my boyfriend... oops!!



It was my neighbor. She is a freshman at UT and ever since we moved in (when she was a sophomore at Farragut High) she has always had a guy to stand out in the moonlight with. And she stands out by his car and makes out with him for like 2 hours before he leaves. Indecent exposure much? Ehemm... get a room! Or maybe she already did...

Let me back up...

My neighbors have two girls- the one discussed above- Kristin- and another in 7th grade-Sarah- who might be headed down the same path.

Since the beginning of last summer, a 98' 2 door silver pickup has been pulling in their driveway 3-4 times a day. And his arrival results in a little too long embrace delivered by Krissie herself. My family has a few different theories, but of this one we're almost sure: Eddie's little angel has a baby on the way. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a little too much fun one day in her dorm... because she's moved back home. We also think they're engaged (most likely because of the little bambino). ANYWAY- it's just a very possible guess.

Now onto the running into her mom's car..

So as Kristin was backing out in her little black Accord, she ran into the front of her mom's black Sequoya. (And her dad has a black Envoy. Weird... haha) So she was like freaking out and her mom and dad and her and her man were all gathered around the two cars in their rain ponchos. They were a funny sight to see.

Meanwhile, Sam and I were playing our version of tennis in our driveway, watching them.

It looked like it did more damage to Kristin's car than her mom's. And she was totally freaking out!! It was hilarious!! So after 15 minutes of speculating, the crowd went back into the house. And then we saw Kristin and her boy toy sneak back outside and start making out AGAIN around the side of the house.

And the funny part was that her dad stuck his head out the door and started yelling her name. And Kristin, emerging for air, is like "yeahh??" and then Eddie was like "oh, there you are! Just wanted to see where you were!" And then he went back inside and his daughter returned to her previous activity/ occupation.

The weird thing is that she's like the only one in the neighborhood who does it. You NEVER see anyone else engaging in that. While standing in their driveway at least...

Anyway, after we went inside, Sam was like "Savannah, if I ever see you making out with a guy like that, you're toast." Umm.. over[protective much?? Lol. Ha ha. I love my little brother!!

Like that will happen... idk. I'm not the type of person to expose myself like that... inside the house or in the woods by the lake or down on the boat are different matters..jk...heheh...

And remember-
Yesterday's history and tomorrow's a mystery..
Haha, I just heard that on TV!! Wow.. I am so weird. Oh well!!

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