Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

As you should know, I spent the weekend at the lake. I had soo much fun!! My dad had to drive up later because Landon got off work at 8, but my mom, Sam, and I drove up and got there around 5. It was weird not having Landon around for a few hours because our little group wasn't complete. But I did get to hang out with Boone more- just the two of us- since he wasn't there. Still, it felt incomplete!! Ha ha!

So when we first got there Boone and I took the jet ski over to the dock, got some bait, and then fished in the cove next to the house. I never get on a jet ski with Boone unless it's in the dock. He is a crazy speed demon out on the water and a dare devil. I did go out on it with him a few times last year and I couldn't hold onto him tight enough. Not to say that I'm not a speed demon or a dare devil.. because I am! I just don't like laying my safety in the hands of Boone Bowling. Talk about scary!

Anyway, we went tubing and jet skiing all day out on the water and when we came in, we fished and played ping pong and pool and stuff. I love hanging out with them! We all get along so well. On Saturday night we made a bonfire and s'mores and stuff. And I took Bryce frog hunting.

See, I have a reputation as being a fearless and brave and outdoorsy and stuff. Every time we go there, someone is always begging me to take them frog hunting at night because I've always been the one who can catch many every time. And I always do!

The dogs loved the lake. They swam all day and just stayed around the porch and everywhere. They were being really good! So I'm going to post some pictures on here and if you have a Facebook account, you'll be able to see the rest of them on there!

Shadow swimming

Boone with the 4 pound catfish

Bryce trying to take his brother down ha ha!

Bryce and Mr. B
Boone wearing Blair's glasses... weirdo =P


  1. hey, we went camping up in the mountains this weekend too! crazy coincidence!! we went up into the carolina side of the smokies though. you'll have to check out miy adventures on my blog though, ... go head look!!

  2. cool! ok i will! we were out on norris lake

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