Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Life as a Sitcom

Whenever I get sick or I just want to stay home and do nothing or its summer I turn on ABC Family! It's kind of lame- I know. But I love Full House and the old Boy Meets World episodes and What I Like About You and Family Matters!! Because who doesn't LOVE Steve Urkel?

In the sad, sad case that you don't know Urkel, he is the nerdiest neighbor of all time. But you have to love him.

So yeah that show is pretty awesome!

When I went up to Louisville, my great grandmother was watching Golden Girls (a show about 4 best friends who have fun despite their expiring ages). One of the Golden Girls just died on April 25th, and there was a marathon in her honor. Another one was already dead. Anyway so I watched about 3 hours of Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel.

Strangely enough, I LOVE the hallmark channel. Where else can you find the old movies that aren't that great and no one wants anymore? Um NOWHERE! Hallmark - or as I like to call it- ( first part in high pitched voice) Halla-mark- REVIVES movies and old shows that are actually pretty crazy awesome!!

Also when I am bored, I watch random movies on HBO and TBS and TNT. I also watch Law and Order- which is great since its always on at least 2 different channels at the same time, so I get variety. CSI, whatever. I watch 'em all. Eventually of course, this gets boring. I go outside and do stuff too! I don't really watch TV all the time and let my brain rot and flow into modern day television's mold (that's what the internet-Facebook, Blogger, random games- is for!).


If my life were a sitcom...

I would come home to an amazing house and an amazing husband who's crazy about me and I the same to him (umm.. yeah I'm talking about what would happen in like 10 years... don't plan on me gettin a man anytime soon!). And we would have 3 little girls- boys are WAY too much of a problem- and they would all be well behaved (of course. look who their mom would be!) and amazing. And I would have no worries and I could do as I pleased. I don't know exactly what job I would have. Definitely something in the movie biz. Or radio broadcasting- just don't make me the weather person! Ugh!

Anyway I definitely do not have to worry about all of this now. And I don't even know why it popped up. I'm just going to let everything fall into place... wonderfully.

Ooh!! And I have MORE pictures!!!

I absolutely LOVE this one!!! Landon and me!! Yeah.. I have no idea what we were watching... lol!!

Me- look at my blue eyes POP!! Ha ha! They haven't changed a bit... though I have to admit, I don't exactly go around in a Kentucky Wildcats cheerleading jumper anymore. Especially not in Tennessee!! Lol!

Us on Mother's Day

I know, I know. My amazingness broke your computer. I'm sorry!!

(Ha ha!! JUST KIDDING!! Every one knows only Jordan Kirchner can do that!!)

=) =P =D

Yeah. I went there.

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