Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pigeons Better Watch Out

Today was really fun. We woke up, had donuts for breakfast, went to church, went to Aubrey's, went to Fort Sanders, got ice cream, then came home. I had many interesting experiences and encounters today-
At Aubrey's:
Being Mother's Day, of course the restaurant was packed. We ended up sitting on the patio. There was one waitress for like 6 tables! And she was crazy!! We kept asking her for stuff and she never brought them out. And then finally, she took our check and didn't come back with the change for like 15 minutes. And then she couldn't count out the change. Oh, and for Mother's Day, Aubrey's was giving out yellow and pink roses. She brought out one for my mom and handed it to her. And then she gave me one saying "I feel like I should give you one too." I was thinking that she had an extra rose so she gave it to me. Either that or she assumes that all teenagers are getting preagnant so might as well start handing out roses to all girls who look old enough to be in red pod... (ok, ya totally kidding...)
Wow. I have to applaud her for trying to make things better. But the funny thing is that she miscounted and she shorted a woman at the neighboring table! Haha!!
Then, later at Fort Sanders, we were playing tennis. My brother has a killer powershot. So we lost a lot of balls over the fence. He hit one really hard and we all turned to watch it soar over the fence. Then there was an explosion of feathers as we watched the ball take out a bird. Haha!! It didn't die. don't worry! It was fine.. I think...
Anyway, my brother got his license last Tuesday. Today, Mom let him drive us around everywhere (and yes, my brother is an amazing driver) and I realized the measure of freedom we now have. If we want to go see a random movie at 11 or 12, no one's sleep needs are disturbed. We can just ask if we can go and if the answer is yes, we can go and Mom can just go back to sleep! If we want to drive up to the lake for the weekend (with their approval, again) we can go right up to the Bowlings' lakehouse and chill. He now has money, since his new job. He's making enough to have his car by the end of the summer. It's going to be amazing!!

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