Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sometimes, You Just Know...

Yeah.. well once I get off this cloud, I'll write all about it..maybe... lol anyway!!
Today I went over to church for about 7 hours and painted panels and did some detail work. It's really all coming together! Though I spilled black paint on myself a few times, everything went great. So.. yeah. Oh I need to do the segment on Asians!!

Ok so as we all know, Asians do some pretty weird things. For example:
I just found out that Asians drive long distances to get their hair cut! Gloria, Shaina, Sharon, and Ester ALL drive to Atlanta! JUST FOR A HAIRCUT!!! Apparently Asian hair doesn't grow fast at all so they only need a hair cut once a year. And they waste the time to drive to Nashville or Atlanta because the people around here "take off too much" and "don't know how to style it right".
Now, this is just my opinion, but there is NO WAY that they could have possibly searched everywhere in Knoxville for a good stylist. It's SO CRAZY!! And Mrs. Yander agreed that I have uncovered something very interesting.
In the midst of this stereotype, there are of course some rational Asians who would agree that it's crazy to travel 3.5-4 hours just for a haircut. I applaud them for their sanity. Geez!

I am not a racist, just a stereotyper.

Some other stereotypes that I associate with Asians (and most are so true):*

They eat rice every day. This is why you don't see fat Asians (besides sumo wrestlers. Who knows what they eat...) Because rice has no nutritional value whatsoever! So if they like being like that, then go ahead!

Their parents stay up until 2 am discussing their child's grades and playing cards. Umm..(No comment)

They like speaking in Chinese/ Korean/Japanese/whatever around Americans who have no idea what they're saying. I think it's because they are either calling us names or talking in private.. or they're saying nothing at all- just trying to show off their bilingual skills. Wow... It is annoying when they do that! It is also annoying when they say "Gosh, I hate Americans! They're so stupid and boring!!" Seriously, if you be feelin that way, please go back to Asia and quit stealing our jobs... lol.

Asian children are pushed to have excellent grades. If they don't meet the expectations, they're toast.

They play an instrument. Well, many if not only one. Usually they throw them in orchestra to play the violin or they're piano prodigies.

They don't play sports. You NEVER see Asians participating in sports outside of the Olympics- besides Yao Ming. You don't see them in soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball- whatever. And definitely not football- they're too small.

The kids/ teens are forced to study for two grades ahead of what they are. This is why they are so smart.

So these are the things that I have concluded. Yes, I know. There are SO many more, but I tried to sum most of the main points up. If you have anything to say, go ahead and comment.

*Please, don't take this the wrong way! I LOVE Asians. They are just so intriguing in their ways and I love it!!


  1. all of these things are soo true. although, i have seen a few asians on the basketball teams in the past. there was a seventh grader on it this past year that was asian. and i agree, life made asians for competition only!

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