Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stress: Relieved

I am finally starting to breathe again. We had the science end of course test today, and it was pretty easy. Same went for the math EOC test on Monday. I didn't really study for either of them (heheh...) and I guess I had myself worrying about nothing. Oh yeah! And we have the geology paper due tomorrow. I had been putting it off for a week and a half. But when I got home today, I focused and got through it. So, now my paper is complete in all its 676 words of glory. Speaking of GLORIa!!
I can't believe that Gloria and Jordan are going to Hardin Valley next year!! Why did they even build Hardin Valley? I can understand that the Karns people need a new high school. But they really shouldn't drag the Farragut people over as well. I am going to miss them SOOO much!! You guys better keep in touch. Haha!!
Anyway, I am going to be devastated without my wonderful pals!
Going back to Gloria-
Today I started wondering to myself how people could pick on little Gloria. I don't know if it's her 'seemingly' (jk) innocence or her Asian-ness, but people seem to enjoy giving Gloria a hard time!! Because everyone knows that Gloria is AMAZING!! And crazy awesome!!
In random relativeness to the whole 'picking on people' thing: during recess today, the same guys played wall ball (ugh). This little kid apparently didn't tag the wall fast enough, so he had to take the punishment- which is getting pegged by the guy with the hardest, most painful arm.

Pointless? Yes. Pleasureable? Not for the one getting pegged. Funny? Definitely.

So this little kid- whose spine looked like it would snap when the impact of the tennis ball connected- tried to worm his way out of it. And the pegger- cough MJ cough- was like (and in a nonchalant, almos cruel tone) "Turn around- it will hurt less."
Well. If the kid wasn't already wigged enough... So the other guys are like "Yeah! Hit em'" and whatever. So MJ throws the ball as hard as he can and the other kid- being smart- dodged it. Every one started yelling a him.
If I were that kid, I would have just walked away. But they kept throwing insults at him and whatnot. Bullying basically.
I know that getting pegged with the tennis ball is part of the game. But really?? Geez. I can't believe they even play wall ball. I've never been a fan of it myself (nor have I been necessarily good at it) and now my thoughts toward the game have narrowed into one door. The door of stupidity.
Does that even make sense??
I don't know but whatever. The funny thing is that you read it all! Haha!

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