Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tribute to my Mom, plus a smidgen about Willy Wonka

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I just blogged my little heart out on Thursday's post, plus I didn't really have the time. Anyway, in honor of Mother's Day:
My mom is one of the strongest, most amazing people you will ever meet. She has been through enough financial and emotional stress to set someone of their rocker, yet she keeps pushing through it all. My mom is my teacher, my rock (after Jesus), my leader, and everything I aspire to be. She is also one of the strongest Christians I know. Mom sets a great example to everyone who sees her. We've gotten through a lot this year and the past years, and I will love her forever. I love you Mom, Happy Mother's Day!!!

Now onto Willy Wonka-
Last night, I went and saw the play- again! I saw it the first night it opened and then the last performance. I liked the second one better because it seemed like everyone had found their roles and got into them a lot better. As far as that goes, I think that the people who played their roles best (with my experience) were definitely Brett and Rachel as the Gloops. They had the perfect accents and Brett had the perfect voice and everything for Augustus. Also, Haley and Maggie as the Beuregards were fabulous, as were Brooke and Skylar as the Teavees. The Salts were poorly casted... Although if little Meg had not gone psycho and went OD, she would have pulled the two together to make them believable. Remember: poor choices yield consequences.
Jake was a good Charlie. He did need to smile a bit more, even despite his tragic life. It looks bad onstage to be frowning and zoning out all the time. But he did a great job. Erin and Tyler did great as the parents of Charlie, but I did not really care for Brian as Grandpa Joe. It was obvious that he overstressed his role...
Now for the vocal highlights-
Erin, Brooke, Paul, Rachel, Haley, and that girl who played next to Jake during the school kid scene all by far had the best voices and the most potential. But next to all of these talented people, there was one that shone the brightest... who? The great JORDAN KIRCHNER!! Though she played an oompa loompa and spent most of her time out of the spotlight, she will be the one going to Broadway, not Paul. =)
Anyway, EVERYONE did an amazing spectacular crazy awesome job and I absolutely LOVED IT! (Even if Jordan Kirchner was the best and made the rest of you look like cupcakes without icing...)

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