Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Lonely Roses and the Friendly Groundhog

I'm sitting here looking at the two roses my mom and I received on Sunday. Wow, that waitress was unforgettable.. ha ha!! They look so lonely in the vase... but they have each other, so it's all good. As long as they have each other...

I don't believe I have told my tale of the friendly groundhog! Well, one late Sunday afternoon, my mom had to go to something at church and Sam and I were with her. We were wandering around the church when we ended up on the side where they're doing construction. There is a hill and then a little strip of woods. Magical woods. So Sam and I climbed up the steep hill and went into the magical forest.

We followed the path and came across a huge hole. A groundhog hole. Now as I have mentioned, the woods were magical. So does this apply to its occupants? Most definitely.

Long story short, the groundhog kept peeping his head out of his hole and then going back in. Then he came out and stared at me. Then I started talking to him... then he ran! Or scurried..

Well whatever the case, it was pretty crazy awesome. That was one amazing groundhog.

Anyway... now for a frolic down memory lane!!

Landon with me as a baby

Sam, in baby form. He was THE CUTEST!!!

Me, age 2 or 3. I don't know.

Me age 4 with Sam. (I'm in my dance costume.)

My grandmother, Sam, and Me- showing Sam my panda! Ha ha!

My school picture- age 6 (kindergarten.. or 1st grade...)


  1. You were so cute savannah! XD

  2. Ha ha thanks! My mom had a bow for like every outfit! Seriously- tons of them!! So everywhere I went, I had a huge bow atop my head!! Lol!

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