Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Clowns Don't Make A Circus

I saw this book at some random store and took a picture of it. It's just one of those weird offbeat things that are so true. If you don't even get what I'm saying, that's ok. The book's title just left a mark!
Whenever I go to Borders or other gigantic mega bookstores, my brother(s) and I go over to the 'encouraging' and so called 'inspirational' section. There are some pretty weird titles that just make you laugh. It's surprising that stuff like that even gets published.
The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory project is coming along quite nicely. We blocked (as in showed people where to stand and when to move, etc) the first 4 or 5 scenes and a few of the kids are out of their scripts. I was skeptical about dragging out 3 weeks to do an actual entire play but it is going to be great once we're finished. I can see some real talent this week. And... well others need some 1 on 1 time with me to show them how to get into their character. Don't get me wrong- everyone is really great! I just need to polish up a few things. And we also need to plan out the set and then get started.
Also, if your name is Kate or you are one of her partners in crime, I do not like Logan and would appreciate it if you stopped insisting that he's in love with me. And remember, no one likes stalkers!!! :P

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