Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back On My Feet

Well it's about time!! Laying in bed for four days straight is enough to drive me crazy!

Today I went back to my 'day job' at Webb. Money? I wish! You aren't eligible to be paid until you're 17 years old. You get like $250 a week so that's pretty good I guess. Speaking of money- I'm broke. I haven't had $$$ since right after the DC trip! It really sucks because I don't get an allowance or anything. The only job I get is if the neighbors ship out and go on vacation. Thank goodness they do that a lot!! They are my source of income.

They are about to fly to Bermuda to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary! They'll be gone for about a week which equals about a hundred bucks in my pocket! I take care of their golden retriever- Shep-, water the plants, and put routine chlorine tablets in their pool to keep it clean. In addition to the money, we get to use their pool whenever we want when they're gone. This really comes in handy.
After they come back, they will be leaving again to go to the family cabin in Colorado for bout a month. This time they're taking the dog, so I wont have as huge as a commitment. All I have to do is water the plants and bring in the mail (unless they get it stopped) and we get FREE pool access, 24 hours a day, AND I get MORE $$$!!

Which is SOOO much better than being broke!


  1. that is soo awesome. me and you are in the same boat about the broke part. i have no money and i'm having to do manual labor for the money i need. ugh! i cant wait for babysitting to pick back up.

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