Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't Touch the Mud Puppies

Well, today we went up to the Smokies, as planned. We were headed toward our favorite swimming hole with our picnic lunch and snacks, ready for a day of fun. Landon claimed to know where we were going, but we ended up getting lost and then heading back down to Pigeon Forge. There we got ice cream at some little shop and then did a go kart track. It was fun! After All of our so-called picnic lunch was eaten in the car, we finally figured out where we were going once again and found our little piece of heaven. (on earth)
the most amazing place ever
As we were swimming, jumping off the cliff/rock, and attempting to spear fish, Mom saw a Copperhead swimming up next to the rock she was sitting on. After we all rushed over to see it (it swam away, deep underwater though) I carefully made my way back to where I was when I saw a big brown blob in the water. At first I thought it was a snake, but then I saw it was too fat. So I went underwater and discovered that it was a mud puppy! Mud puppies- basically giant salamanders- are apparently endangered and we are by law under no circumstances allowed to touch them or any other wildlife we come across.

Well, I broke the law and touched it and it swam away. Then after I yelled over to Mom that I had found a muduppy, about 7 people crowded around and one guy said that they bite, but he would try to catch it. He picked it up and it twisted back to try to bite him and then it went soaring through the air and plopped back into the water.
Anyway, very fun day!
The Swimming Hole
Part of the waterfall
Oh! And I've been using Blogger In Draft. It is the new version of Blogger, soon to be out permanently. It is very cool, has way more stuff to work with, and is faster. Go Blogger!!

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