Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eva-lastin' Gobb-stoppas!!

Yes, that is what I am eating, as I type. I think Wonka is getting to me!! Or maybe to Sam... he bought a box off Landon, lol. See, Landon is always getting money out of Sam by convincing him he needs something he doesn't have and then selling it to him himself. And he always manages to swindle him out of cash and make money. He would make a fantastic salesman!!

And after eating 5 gobstoppers, I am starting to get a headache... heheh! Anyway, things went back to normal as the day wore on and it was easier to deal with everything. People did start getting into their characters more and improved tremendously. I stayed late with Rosina, Logan, Sam, Susie, and Evan and we worked on the set till about 4. When I say set, I mostly mean the factory chocolate room. It is the most colorful, involved, and needy. So we created a colorful rainbow of props and scenery for the scenes.

In addition to solving the acting and technical issues, the few people I know who had issues with other people have told me that they worked them out and it's okay now. And the people who had a problem with me and my ways have also gotten over them, which makes everything so much easier. So that was great!

Oh and Sam made a blog!! It's sam-blogman.blogspot.com
He absolutely loves my blog and decided to make one of his own. Haha, it's cool to know that I am someone's inspiration. And who better than my little brother??


  1. guess what i saw? k, when i went to google ur bro's url for his blog, guess what came up first? your blog's mentioning of the url! so ur blog, is like on google!! awesome...

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