Monday, June 22, 2009

Heart of Glass

After my two-and-a-half-day-movie-a-thon, I was so ready to get back to Webb for the last week of camp with some of the coolest people ever. My dog- Angel- woke me up at 5 am this morning, whining for security and comfort. I let her up on my bed and held her and stroked her back and calmed her down for about thirty minutes. The storm went away and I went back to sleep with my little dog curled up next to me.

Anyway, it started raining again when I woke up which screwed up the whole drop off process at Webb and cut into our time. I was so happy to see everyone again though!I couldn't wait to dive back into the play and polish it up.

And then everything fell apart.

No one at all really got into their characters. People weren't getting into their blocking either, ad seemed to forget everything they learned in the past few weeks. I think that everyone was frustrated with themselves and the others, and they are getting tired and bored of running the play over and over. I can't blame them... I guess I would get tired too.

And then came the marker!! Ha ha.

Ok, so in the dressing room, there was this Expo marker that smelled amazingly like cherries. Everyone started obsessing over it and I could see that it was going to be an issue. See, eventually it was going to get lost, damaged, or something and Webb is so freakin possessive of their stuff. We have to like ask them permission to tape something to the wall or move a chair. It's crazy!! Anyway, so I knew that if something happened to that stupid marker, I would be the one getting blamed. So I took it away. Why?

1)Because I don't think it's a good idea to let them be sniffing markers....
2) The whole Webb thing
3) It was getting to be a distraction

And they totally freaked out!! They started saying how much they hate me and then they decided to (and I qoute) "plot revenge on me at lunch." Okay, let them plot revenge... lol. And most of these girls are older! Even the ones that like me and I think are cool turned against me!

So after lunch they all decided to spring out at me and attack... or so they tried. And after that, all of them got over the whole marker thing and were cool again. EXCEPT for two of them. The two that I have probably been the nicest to. I guess they don't see that I'm trying to look out for them and be a leader and a friend.

I mean, okay, I took a marker. A MARKER, that wasn't even theirs, away from them. Big deal. But that's absolutely no reason whatsoever for them to stop listening to me, tell me they hate me and I'm a mean person repeatedey, or just disrespect. I have been nothing but nice to them. I have looked out for them and been a friend and treated them well and THIS is how they treat me? They have NO idea what I have been through this weekend and everything that's gone on. And now I have to deal with this?

This is our last week together andI sure hope they get over it so we can start having fun again.I also think that they're really cool people and they should just apologize and be chill about it.

This weather is killing me!! AAAHH!! Hot, muggy, miserable, almost unbearable!! It's gone on for almost 2 weeks and I can barely stand to go outside!! And the constant thunderstorms are aweful too!!

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