Monday, June 29, 2009


Since our neighbors are gone, we get to use their pool as we please. So does their daughter. She is over there CONSTANLY with her kids (7 &4), making it really hard to find a time to swim. And then she invites the rest of the soccer moms and we've looked over there and seen 7 or 8 cars at a time parked all down the driveway and on the grass. The funny thing is that if her dad ever found out that ALLLL of those people were coming and parking on his precious grass, he would have a heart attack!!! Anyway, we did get to swim tonight once she left after being there for 4 hours.

I have also been spending the day trying to sort out other people's complications. Here's the deal- Claire likes Bobby but Bobby just likes her as a friend. And in the midst of trying to convince Bobby otherwise, just realized that since yesterday I'm in the same position. But I'm Bobby!! Anyway, I started to see where Bobby was coming from and the whole 'we're friends, I don't want to ruin a friendship' thing actually made since. Because I feel the exact same way!!! But whatever... we'll see how things work out for the both of us.

Tomorrow I am going up to the Smokies with Mom, Sam, and Landon and we're going to our secret amazing swimming place. It's right up near Cade's Cove, but about 3 miles in the opposite direction. It is SO cool. (I'll take pictures) let's just hope we don't see another bear! 3 is enough for me!!


  1. i dont want 2 post it until he gets over me. i hope. but u definitely know him. 2nd chair ring a bell? dont say any names.

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