Monday, June 22, 2009

Me = Happy Blogger

Well, in August Blogger is celebrating its 10th birthday! I have been with Blogger for 6 or 7 months now and I have absolutely loved it! It's given me an outlet for my opinions, thoughts, and experiences. It is also a great way for my friends to see what's going on in my life and stay connected. Unlike your classic Internet social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace or Twitter, Blogger lets you connect with your friends, family, and fans on a much more personal level.
On a technological level, I love all of the different tools and widgets and gadgets that you get to add on and use. Even something as common as ABC Check has actually improved my spelling and typing skills. I have found that the more posts I create, the less highlighted words pop up when I check everything at the end!
Blogger is helping me get through my parents' divorce. I can vent, be crazy, talk to people, about people, about ANYTHING I even want because I just can. Because Blogger makes it possible. A blog is basically a modern day diary, or journal. The fact that it's on the Internet and much, much more modern than your classic pen and paper attracts more people (including myself) to the idea of keeping a little personal record of their lives, day-to-day and then sharing it with others.

So Happy Birthday Blogger, thank you, and keep the up the great work!


  1. more meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please :)

  2. UGHHH!,not to be rude but im athiest........dont even try to change me please

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