Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Once Upon a Gas Pump...

Tonight Mom, Sam, and I were watching random shows. We saw Deadliest Catch- a show that I absolutely CANNOT STAND. It is so boring to me!! Ugh!

And then we remembered that '18 Kids and Counting' was on. If you haven't heard of this show, it's about a family who had 18 kids WITHOUT fertility treatment or anything. Some info- the oldest is around 20 (he and his new wife have a baby on the way) and the youngest is probably 6 or 7 months now. All of their kids' names start with a J, she home schooled all of them, and they all play an instrument. Anyway, the show follows them in their daily life and it's just so refreshing to see a grounded Christian family that is able to function perfectly even with that many kids. None of the kids fight and they all take care of each other. Yes, very refreshing!!

So during the commercials, Mom was like "If they ever did a show about me, what do you guys think it would be called? Would people watch it??"

So I said some sarcastic comment about stupidity and then of course we threw in the gas pump incident.

See, my mom broke her leg 2 years ago. It was reaally hard for her to get over and it just seemed like it took forever and a day for her to heal. How did Mom break her leg? Well, she was filling up her car at a certain gas station. She stuck the thing in the car after swiping her card and turned to put the card away while she waited. The gas pump hose twisted around her leg, suddenly throwing her off balance. She then landed on the concrete platform that was under/around the pump itself. Unfortunately, her ankle connected and she broke her leg/ankle in 3 places and completely tore the ligaments and muscles. It was a pretty painful experience.

Anyway, a chain of events happened because of this (sorry, not going into detail, would take too long) and now she has a completely different job and is absolutely loving it. And she's even closer to Christ than ever before. And to think, it all started with a gas pump..

Ha ha, so anyway, Sam and I decided that if Mom ever gets her TV show, it will be called "Once Upon a Gas Pump". Pretty great huh? Yeah you know you would totally watch it!! (Um yeah duh, I'd be on it!!)

Oh and today we were swimming (yes, at the neighbor's house!) when I opened up the skimmer to put in the chlorine tablet. And.. there was a dead RAT/MOLE/MOUSE floating!! I was like "GOOD GOD!! AAHHH!!!" and very quickly extracted myself from the pool because, quite frankly, it kind of creeped me out to know that I had basically been swimming with a dead rat or whatever it was. And it had jumped to its death and drowned last night. Um.. eww!! And I don't get grossed out easily!!
Ha ha, so I quickly put the lid back on the skimmer, pulled out my phone, called Sam over, and started recording! Hahahahaha!!! He pulled the lid off and was like "AAAAHHH!!!!" as he staggered backwards! After he got over the initial shock, he was like "Is that a real mouse??" Hahaha!!!! And I got it ALL on video! (Ohh yeahh!! It's already on Facebook!!!) Though his reaction was hilarious, I sure wished someone got my reaction on camera!!

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