Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pain 4 Pain

Ugh. I've been sick since Thursday. Sore throat, headache, earache, sinus congestion, and on top of all that cramps before the weekend because Mother Nature decided to deliver her little monthly present.
So I trudged through Drama Camp on Thursday and Friday in the midst of my gray cloud of sickness and still managed to keep the kids in line and stuff. Friday, we had the performances. Everything ran smoothly backstage and onstage because... well just look at their stage manager. I'm fabulous and such an efficient multi tasker, etc!! And of course all of the kids knew their lines and blocking and they just did such a great job!
Then on Saturday- an absolutely beautiful day complete with blue skies and a soft breeze- I literally was in bed all day long. I just didn't have the energy or willpower to get up (except for the bathroom every once in a while). So as my family sat out on our wonderful front porch and did yard work and stuff, I sat up here in my bed just looking out the window. I know why the caged bird sings now...

Anyway so at 1:15 am today, I woke up with horrible ear pain. As my mom gave me some pain relievier and stuff, I ended up later falling asleep at 3:30 am.
So then we went to church around 10 and then went to a doctor's office that's open 7 days a week. There, they took all of the basic stuff- weight, blood pressure, temperature. And THEN the nurse comes in and lets me know that she's just going to prick my finger. JUST.
If you know me, you know that I have a forever phobia of needles of all kinds. Every time I go to our actual doctor, I worm my way out of getting a shot. NEVER ask to prick my finger. I will sucker punch you and escape to high ground faster than you can say 'STOP!!'.
Until today.
The nurse waddles in and tells me a bunch of stuff and then she's like...

"So, I'm just going to prick your finger and get a blood sample."

Oh no you're not.

"NO! I don't want you pricking my finger!!"

"I wouldn't want anyone to prick my finger either. Come 'ere."

So I gave her my hand and as she started cleaning it off with the alcohol wipe I instantly pulled my hand away.

Yeah, like that would do anything... So I reluctantly gave it back to her and proceeded to watch her about to stab me- which of course made me start to have a nervous breakdown.

Then Mom was like-

"Geez, look away!"

So I did and as they were trying to convince me that the needle was much smaller than it used to be and it wasn't going to hurt at all, the nurse stabbed me.


So the nurse basically was squeezing- no... MILKING my finger for blood and dripping it into the vile. Which hurt! And then when she was done, she wrapped a band-aid around my finger (cutting off the cirulation) saying-

"See, that wasn't so bad was it?"


She left the room. And then I started BAWLING. Yes, being at the doctor screws up my emotional control.


So 15 minute later my shoulder shaking tear fest slowed down to sniffles. And then I started getting mad...

Why did they even need to prick my finger?? Why are they taking so long?? I hate this place! Ugh I hate being sick! I wanna go home! Why are they taking so long???

"Mom why are they wasting our time? Why are doctors always late?? They are so annoying. Stupid, i-"

And just my luck...the door opened.


So she comes in, does some stuff and tells me all of my symptoms before I even told her. Okay, okay. She gets some respect here.



"Sore throat?"






"Sinus congestion?"

Okay already!!


"Well, it sure is a good thing you came in. You have a bacterial infection in both ears. In the left, your eardrum almost ruptured, which means you almost had to go into surgery to save your hearing. It is a really good thing you came in today. A few days more and that could have happened and it would have been much more painful."


"Ok, so I'm going to perscribe you (some kind of medicine) and give you a shot and..."

WHAT?!?!?!?!? A SHOT?!?!?!? I'm OUTTA HERE!!!

But instead I said....

"NOO!!!! I DON'T WANT A SHOT!!!!!"

"I don't want them either, but you have to have it."

What is up with these people trying to make me feel better by telling me they don't want one either??

And then, she left.

And I start my pathetic emotional breakdown. Again, but 5 times worse. I'm not going to go into detail. Let's just say, I had a flashback....

When I was 6 years old (still living in Kentucky), Mom took us to the family doctor to get our flu shots. Of course, they didn't say that. They always used the big word term- vaccination. So we didn't know what they were talking about. Well I caught on pretty quickly. And then the evil nurse entered holding the dreaded silver platter upon which 3 shots sat. As in the dramatic movies, the needles glinted and gleamed in the flourescent light. And as four nurses held me down, I screamed bloody murder as the wicked witch stabbed me with the flu shot. After they all left, the doctor told me that I could go pick something out of the treasure bin. Being the drama queen that I was, I- and I kid you not- dragged myself down the hallway on my stomach by my two hands, letting my feet drag behind me. This is more formally known as the seal crawl. So I was wailing "I HATE YOU!!!!" at the doctor and my mom. And they were laughing at me.... the doctor couldn't believe it.

Anyway, this time I stayed relatively still as the nurse gave me the shot- this time in my hip.

And of course I was in pain. Well, either it was pain or it was imagined pain created in my overly dramatic nightmare.

So anyway, that was my fiasco of the day. Oh, and I learned how to swallow a pill today. I also didn't know how to swallow a pill (I know, how inexperienced am I?) but hey, life skill- learned. Now I just have to work on that belonephobia. If you care to read this short excerpt from an article, go ahead. Apparently, it can be treated by hypnotherapy. Oh boy.

"Just about anyone can be affected by needle phobia

Its correct clinical name is trypanophobia - an irrational and often intense fear of hypodermic needles or injections - though it is regularly labelled belonephobia, this term is incorrect since it denotes a fear of pins and needles, without reference to the medical aspects.

Regardless of the label, for those suffering from needle phobia the very thought or sight of a syringe or hypodermic needle can provoke overwhelming feelings of anxiety and even panic.

At least 10% of all adults are believed to suffer from this truly inconvenient and potentially dangerous condition."


  1. wow... that sounds remarkebly like me. but, i would have just given em a jab in the stomach, or an uppercut and been sprinting my way to sure freedom from there gruesome torturous ways!!! hahaha

  2. Don't worry, I share your phobia of doctors and hospitals! Feel better though!!

  3. lol i wish allie!! i'm glad people agree with me about doctors/ shots/ hwatever. i felt like such a baby!!
    and thanks! got my meds so a few more days with them in me and i should be feeling better than i am now!!

  4. i don't like doctors and thank the heavens that my parents know how to treat all the normal sicknesses. i haven't been to the doctor in 2 years. no boosters, no shots, all over the counter meds! i luv my mother.

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