Monday, June 1, 2009


So my mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table when Landon comes busting in through the back door. Out of the ordinary? No. Not until I spied with my little eye a SNAKE HEAD on the end of a stick he was holding. He proceeded to tell us all about it his encounter with the snake... He was in the back yard by the fire pit, about to start a fire. He leaned down over it and he saw the snake, coiled up and boiling mad, about to strike. Luckily, Landon had an axe with him. He hacked the head off of the snake... and then stuck it on the end of the stick and delivered it to my mom and me. I went back by the fire pit with Landon and saw the snake- still moving like it wasn't finished fighting. Of course, that was due to reflexes... 'cause the head was off. Well, if you know my brother, he's really into 'survival'. Bear Grylls (Man Vs. Wild) and Les Stroud (Survivorman) are the two guys he gets all of his info from. He knows everything inside and out mentioned on their shows. It's really unique and cool!! Anyway, here's the weird part... heheh... We cut the snake open, removed the guts, discovered that it had last eaten a baby bird, took out the meat, and basically skinned it. And I was all for that... until they (the two guys) took the meat out and said they were going to EAT IT!!! And then I went inside. Because I wasn't going to eat snake meat... much less RAT snake meat, much MUCH less snake meat cooked over a fire by my brothers. So they're back there STILL. Hope they have fun tonight, because I sure ain't wiping their mouths when the meat catched up with their stomach and they spend some quality time in the... well you know what will happen!! Ha ha!

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