Monday, June 15, 2009

A Twitterer

Yes, it's official. I created an account on Twitter. So yes, that makes me a Twitterer.... even though I LOVE Facebook and feel like a traitor for doing it. And after checking it out, Twitter sucks compared to Facebook anyway, so I probably won't ever get on it. So I now have the authority to say I'm on two of the biggest social networking sites! But whatever.

Anyway, so today we didn't do much. Just blocked a few more scenes. Sam is doing a great job and so is everyone else! I am very impressed that they are getting everything so quickly.

This weekend I am probably going up to Middlesboro to see my grandma and hang out with the Bowlings at their house- not the lake house, the normal one. So that will be fun, plus I'll have more stuff to talk about! Finally! I know you guys have to be getting tired of hearing all about nothing. But that's what I do and you are my faithful readers so you kinda have to read all of the rambling about nothing!!

I also was asked to mention Kate and Canon (my two devious pals- from drama camp-with many different cases of OCD, me being one of them). They are semi-stalking me which is really weird in my opinion. I'm not that interesting yet they have gone as far as cyber-stalking me. I think Kate has it worse... since she is the one who watched all of my videos and looked through all of my pictures on Facebook. They are weird but that's ok... they're amazing and cool anyway! :) Or at least that's what they think... :P


  1. ugh.... i am disgusted!!! how could you get a twitter?!?!

  2. idk!! on a whim i guess... but its nowhere near facebook!! haha

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