Saturday, June 27, 2009

When Uncle Sam Comes A- Knockin'

The irony of the world never ceases to surprise amaze me. My 91 year old great grandmother was called for jury duty. In the almost century of her life, she has never been summoned. And now, Uncle Sam is sought out to make it happen. Of course, she can't do it- she's on oxygen and bedridden- but if she had her way, she would march right down to the courthouse and serve up some justice. Screw her medical restraints!! But for now, it looks like Uncle Sam will have to find someone else.

Today I went and saw The Proposal. It was hilarious! It's about this uptight workaholic woman who is about to be deported back to Canada because of an expired Visa. Not wanting to throw her career down the drain, she sets up her executive assistant into marrying her so she can stay in the country. In turn, he gets to be promoted to editor. So they strike the deal and have to fake their way through their engagement and beyond. It was great! And it felt good to laugh!

Oh, and on Friday, I tried Menchies for the first time! I really like how they set up the place. If you've never been, you walk in and there's like a bar with all of these different yogurt flavors and you grab a cup and fill it with as much as you like. Then you go over to the toppings place and put whatever you want on your treat there as well. But the only thing is that yes, you can have whatever and how much you want, but they weigh it at the end and you end up paying more. Smart, though. Very smart.

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