Friday, July 31, 2009


So I saw this weird thing on Facebook called 'friendbot' and I was bored so I decided to try it out. It apparently uses "advanced calculations" to figure out who my 'real' best buddies are. Here's what it said-

#1 Jordan Kirchner - Best friend
#2 Landon Lucas - The funny one
#3 Gloria Yu - Drinking buddy
#4 Olivia Jeannette McGregor - The trouble maker
#5 Elizabeth Anne Ozment - The partier

I have to agree that Gloria is definitely my drinking buddy and Olivia is the trouble maker. And of course, Jordan Kirchner is my best friend. Ha ha. And Landon is the funny one! As for Liz Anne, I don't really know!

Anyway, so the guys are all gone to Middlesboro for the weekend and I am taking care of the neighbor's dog and chillin with Mom. Tonight we went and saw "The Ugly Truth". It was hilarious!

Instead of taking a slim chance on catching a free ride on a flight to Louisville on Tuesday, a friend (Mrs. Bowling!!) is actually driving up there on Wednesday and we're going to ride with her!! ROAD TRIP!! And the Escalade will be an awesome ride. YES!! Hopefully nothing changes between now and then so that we can definitely go! WOOT WOOT!!


  1. how am i the "drinking buddy"??? (I don't intend to binge drink when i'm 21 lol)
    i'm more like a mix between "the trouble maker" and "BEST FRIEND". :DDD