Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pass Me a Firecracker!

I had a great time at the lake this weekend. Usually there are about 15 people there, but this time we outdid ourselves. These are the people who were there-
Adults (parents): Jeff, Johanna, Mom, Dad, Sally, Tim, Joey, Michelle
By age-
Colton- 18
Kelsey (guy)- 18
Johnny- 17
Sarah- 16
Landon- 16
Jenna- 16
Me- 14
Ashton- 14
Boone- 14
Wyatt- 13
Blair- 13
Sam- 11
Ben- 9
Hank- 9
Bryce- 4
Bottom Row (left to right): Boone, Landon, Kelsey, Colton, Johnny
Second Row: Blair, Savannah, Jenna, Wyatt, Ben, Sam
Top: Bryce, Hank
For a total of... 15
                       + 8
                        = 23
So if I counted everyone correctly, we had 23 people.
Finding a place to sleep was the hard part. The lakehouse is huge but there are limited beds. The rest of us who were unfortunate enough to miss out on a bed slept on cots and pull out beds from the couch and air mattresses and couches. I really didn't mind though. It was fun.
So on Saturday, we took out both boats and jet skis and spent the day on the lake. When we got back to the house around 5, Mr. B went out to buy more fireworks. As if two grand's worth wasn't enough... jk. But the temporary firework superstores start slashing the prices at the very last minute. So they took advantage of that and left for about an hour. When they got back, we headed just across the cove to a...
I have never been to a pig roast. They roasted the whole pigs in a giant smoker/ oven. It wass kinda weird... especially when I looked down and saw this-
Yes, that is a pig head.*
*enlarged to show texture ;)
The people who hosted the roast had really nice land and a cool setup. In this huge garage, a buffet line was set up with tons of food and great desserts! So after the guys pulled the pork, all of these random people I didn't know started crowding toward me and the buffet line. I got my desserts and ran.
 After we (me, Boone, Landon, Wyatt) got our food, we all just went down and sat on the boat, listening to music, sharing desserts, and chillin.
 Right before we headed back to the house to get our firework stash ready, a huge block headed yellow lab named Rosco decided that he wanted me to throw his stick in the water and play fetch with him. So I did.
Later, the fireworks were amazing. Of course we had the best on the entire lake! Duh! Half the people form the pig roast came over and we all sat on the long driveway down toward the dock and gazed up at the spectacular show of brilliant fireworks. It was so great! We had them going off in every direction! Tons of different colors, thousands of flashes!
And then...
It started to rain.
So everyone ran inside. After we got over the fact that the rain ruined our amazing light show, most of us settled down in the big open living room. Colton got out his guitar and played and sang for us. Kelsey, his friend, sang with him. They both have great voices and they blended together well.
When the rain stopped, we went down and shot off some more fireworks ourselves and lit sparklers for the
little kids.
We ended up staying awake till about 2 before drifting about the house to salvage a sleeping spot.
So, it was a really great weekend.
This week, I will be at camp (church! yes!) until Saturday when I return. There I will take tons of pictures and have another amazing time! So no texting, calling, or blogging for a week. But that's ok! I made this blog extra long (unintentionally) so you'll have a lot to read. See ya! Have fun looking at the pictures!
Mom and Blair
Bryce, Blair, Ben, Sam, Mom, Landon, Me, Johanna, Boone
Mom and Johanna.. with Blair :)
Me, Blair, Jenna, Johanna, Sally, Michelle, Mom
Landon, Boone, Colton, Kelsey, and Bryce, the happy camper in the middle
Boone, Landon, Colton, Kelsey
Me and Blair
 unintentional weird firework pic
Hope you had a great fourth!! I SURE DID :)

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