Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trend Setter

Today it started raining out of nowhere. I was just sitting here by my window when all of a sudden rain started pouring down. About 10 minutes into the downpour, I heard a bird start to chirp and sing. Me and my always metaphorical mind immeadiately saw a connection. Ehemm-

Even in the storm, the sparrow sings.

I think God was trying to show me something. This little singing bird sitting right outside my window revealed to me that even in the worst situations, problems, and positions, there's nothing that's keeping you from fighting back with an optimistic and positive attitude.

So there's your daily qoute of inspiration.
Anyway, we have some crazy kids again this week, but they have started to listen to us more! I am going to play Miss Hannigan in 'Annie' because we didn't have enough strong girls who weren't already given a part. So yeah.. I get to be an evil, bitter old woman. Woo! Oh and today I started a new trend!
Yeah, you know it. In a few weeks, people will be walking around with them on. But you saw it here first!
Crazy? No. Dillusional? Not a chance. Genius? Most definitely.

1 comment:

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