Sunday, August 30, 2009


In visual communications, (aka: graphic design, aka: the class during which we do seemingly nothing), we're actually doing something! Surprising, yes, I know. We're doing a project using pen and ink. We went online and got these crazy awesome fonts and then printed them off, traced them on the light board, then filled them in using the ink and brushes or pens.

This website is amazing! It's called, and you can go on there and get any font you ever dreamed of and more! All you do is go on, download the font for free, and it will appear in your text options in Word or whatever. Even if you do not plan on downloading anything, you should go on to the website and check it out for yourself!!

DAFONT.COM !!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Totally Random Thursday #1

Apparently, the above billboard has been put up all over Florida to inspire people to go vegetarian. It is creative and funny at the same time! Because, as I have said before, Americans are overweight! (Especially in Florida...) However, I personally would probably die if I ever stopped eating meat. I love it. And yes, I also love cows, chickens, and cute little piggies as animals. I do feel sad sometimes when I see them in the back of the semi trucks headed toward the slaughter-house. :'( I feel very sad. But though I do show sympathy for the poor little animals, I also recognize the fact that the circle of life (thank you Simba) goes on. And on. And on and on and on. But we do have to eat something with sufficient protein to function as a human race and therefore, we eat meat. Sorry Wilbur.

Today I also saw an article about how teens are texting too much. The over-analytical scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and people all got together and decided to over-think texting. They came up with results such as "teens are texting so much their thumbs ache, leading to early arthritis". Here's some of the article...

"The Times story goes on to quote a series of physicians and psychologists, who tick off a list of possible physical and mental health effects from the constant flow of text messages—for example, sleep deprivation as teens fire off SMS replies late at night, "terrific anxiety" over the fear of "being out the loop," and even repetitive-stress injuries as thumbs fly across the keypads."

Terrific anxiety? Over the fear of being 'out of the loop'?? Stress injuries in your thumbs??

Ok, so sleep deprivation I have seen. And been a part of. But just during the summer and because I was talking to certain people at 1 in the morning does not mean that I have mental problems or am an addict. I have NEVER heard of 'sore thumbs'. Or terrific anxiety, for that matter. Texting is fun and an easy way to keep up with people. Someone also pointed out that you reveal more personal things about yourself while texting someone than you actually would during a face to face conversation. Which I also agree with. They even went as far to say that people are becoming shut ins because they have no personal contact with their friends. Ok then... let them think that.

Oh and on Sunday! My mom and I were driving home from Wally World when we get this frantic phone call from my little brother. He was crying hysterically, sobbing uncontrollably. Once Mom got him calmed down a little bit, he said that he went out to get Smokey (our little cockatiel) to play with him and the garage door was open. His wings weren't clipped and he got out and flew away. Sam followed him around the house, from tree to tree for 10 minutes before losing sight of him. We got home and calmed him down again and then tried looking for him ourselves. I knew from the start we would never find him. He was gone. We tried putting Peaches out in their cage so he would hear her. My mom even started whistling for him. I gave up and went over to talk to the neighbors. Then I heard him. And again. Surprisingly, we found him!!! He was sitting in our neighbor's tree/bush looking at like "Aww man. Is my burst of freedom really over??"

Yes, it was.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Farragut Football!!!

So, I went to the game tonight! We beat the other team by about 20 points and every one was crazy excited because it was the first real normal game of the season. For the seniors, it was Toga Night. I was surprised at the creativity of some people. And then there were the guys who wore some sort of material that looked like skirts and of course, they had no shirts on. Even though the togas were cool, I saw that some guys just used it as an excuse to walk around and show off their 6 packs and hard core abs or whatever. (not that I minded lol)
After the game was a dance or something for freshmen but the seniors and a few juniors came in to help make it crazier. Some people really surprised me with their dancing skills! (haha Caleb) They gave out a bunch of prizes- usually $20 gift cards- throughout the dance. Though the party/thing was weird yet crazy and very interesting, I still had a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Case of the Biology Murder

I have a really cool science teacher again! She keeps things really interesting and upbeat. Despite the fact that our class is held in what was previously an unaveragely large janitor's closet, we hae fun. (The fact that it's the last class of the day is cool too). So today in biology, we had our first day in the lab. To get used to the place, we did a little activity. We partnered up and one person out of each group pulled a piece of hair out and made two slides. The teacher then numbered each group of slides 1-9. Out of the second group, she labeled one as "E". So we had to look through the microscope at each piece of hair and try to find a match with the "E". It is surprisingly fun to look at hair through the scope! It just makes you want to look at tons of other random stuff to see what it's composition looks like when it has been finely picked apart and viewed.

Sometimes I wish we could put people under a microsope. We could see every thought and view and hopes and dreams and wishes and wonders. It would be a lot easier if people were more transparent!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Foot in the Door

Ok, the second day is over. Well more like the first day because yesterday was only a half day... It was better and, as I figured I would, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than Monday.

So I need to go buy an umbrella or something so I won't get drenched from when I have to walk to and from the vocational building. I really don't mind the walk, but if it rains, I sure will. Still not liking the class schedule. I hate sitting in math for an hour and a half. But since it's in the morning, I do like getting it over with for the day. Though she is already giving us a quiz tomorrow...

My lunch is last (1:20!!!) but my v.c. teacher said that we can have food in her class and even start eating our lunches in that class since it's so long- cool. I love it! I do like having a really empty cafeteria though, so 4th lunch isn't that bad.

The bus (lame, yes) is crazily crowded this year so besides being able to barely breathe, I love being with my 8th grade friends!! Lol...

So yeah... I'm out of random stuff to tell you guys about. How was your first full day?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Freshies

The thing that I hate about being a freshman is the constant buzz of degrading remarks releating to the unaviodable fact of me being in 9th grade. What makes them so high and mighty?? I heard things like "Oh my God. Look at all of these stupid freshmen." and "Look at the little freshman.. they think they're so cool-hahahahaha". First of all, the fact that they are generalizing me is so annoying. Gosh! Why are they are just so full of it? But the stupidity of the upper classmen doesn't really get to me at all! I just wish they would be more open and less arrogant.

Anyway, my first day wasn't that great... It was alright. High school is just alright. Not amazing like every one says and builds it up to be. I barely have a class with any of my friends. And I just feel left out. The halls are annoyingly crowded. Did I mention I feel lonely?

I can usually adjust to change and stuff really easily! It's just that for once, I got hit. High school slapped me in the face! I need to get used to it but it's just weird.

Anyway, it's only the first day. As of now, I liked middle school better. It was easier, more friendly, and comfortable. And it really seemed like I had more friends... Please, people of the world, talk to me. I really need someone right now. So I guess that I really need to stop being a pre judger because it was only the first day! A half day at that. Maybe I'll end up loving it! But today was not great.

An Interesting Post of Advice #2

Ok, so tonight I was out on another adventure in one of my favorite places in this town- Turkey Creek. But instead of the usual, something kept happening over and over. EVERYWHERE I went, it followed me. What was it? PDA.

One of my favorite weird websites is You might have heard of it. This is how the geniuses who write the urban dictionary define PDA..


Public Displays of Affection, can be seen in the form of kissing, touching, groping, licking, nuzzling, cuddling, crossing hands into each other's opposite back pockets, etc. Usually spotted among new couples, frisky teenagers, and occasionally the "young at heart" (goBoldd help us).

Also, a handheld computer of sorts.
Jen and Craig's PDAs at the table were so intense that there was actually slobber on the green bean casserole.

Look at my new PDA!

Ok, so we all know what it is. We see it at school and out in public places like Turkey Creek or the mall especially, but tonight it seemed to come along with me everywhere.

Couple #1...

So first up was "the frisky teenagers". In front of Target was a couple (my age, sadly I knew them) who is known for their boldness to publicy display affection a lot. A LOT. And then take pictures of it and post it on Facebook... Anyway, they were walking together and holding eachother and swinging their hands together and then she like grabbed him and he grabbed her and pretty much pinned her against the wall and started sucking her face off.



Couple #2
Later outside Verizon, another frisky teenage EMO couple were like pressed into eachother... interestingly... and he was also making out with her. (Are emos even capable of emotion...?)

Couple #3

AND THEN when I was eating a couple (who were not teenagers, but apparently young at heart) sat down a few tables away, right in my line of sight. After ordering their food, they decided to pass the time cuddling, cooing, and kissing.

I have no problem with people showing their affection for their significant other.... but come on. When it's to the point of almost making me want to gag on my sandwich, someone needs to get a room.

I think you get the advice I'm trying to give you all here. Take it, please. If you end up in an "overly affectionate" relationship (which I hope you aren't in), spare the person who's trying to eat their sandwich. Please.

Ok, so thats my 2nd post of advice. And who knows? Maybe I am being a total uninformed biast person. Maybe I am just giving out advice in the dark. Maybe I just need a boyfriend. Lol, who knows??

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Blog? And A Request to my Readers!!

If someone asks what my are hobbies, I usually say theatre, basketball, (other stuff) and blogging.

Blogging? What's that? It's a hobby?

Of course, I consider it a hobby. I pour my heart and thoughts and everything into my interesting little posts. And apparently you love it (or at least tolerate it) because you took the time out of your day to come and check for new posts! And I love it that you love it! The thing that really makes me happy is when I come back before writing a new post and see that someone has commented on my prior post. PLEAAASE COMMENT!!! I love reading reactions and comments- it lets me know that other people actually understand my points, what I'm going through, and what I'm saying!!

So in relation to the comments (which you all need to do more often lol)- If you feel like it, take a few seconds to comment on this post telling me why you even bother to read my constant rambling. Sometimes it really just feels like I'm talking and giving advice to no one!!! Seriously! It's like I'm on a deserted island and I'm just shouting out over the ocean but no one can hear me. In the ocean, being the vast internet, my blog is just a little island of paradise that is very small, so nobody sees it but you readers!! So I am begging you to comment on everything you have time for!!

ANYWAY,  the little freshman test drive on Friday was cool. I have some (seemingly) good teachers and I found out that visual communications is everything I love! It's basically a class on PHOTOSHOP!!! How cool is that?!?

And Landon got a car on Saturday!! WOOT WOOT!! At the beginning of the summer, he set the goal that he would have a car by the end up the summer. And he reached it 2 days before school started! I am so happy for him and almost inspired by his will-power and committment to working and saving all of that money. Congrats bro! It's a '96 Honda Passport, in case you were wondering. OK SO DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT!!!
Aww his first cars!! Yes, that's him on his little yellow car as a baby!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Over in Loompa Land...

I am running out of new things to ramble about, so I'm taking a swipe at American history. I promise I will have new stuff once school starts guys!!

Have you ever thought about how us Americans are always referring to how much more advanced other countries are than us?

For example, you hear people saying all the time stuff like...

"Yeah well you know, over in China, they use their really developed ancient medicine and the herbs work better than the stuff we're throwing together!"


"Well, over in Europe, they detox themselves 2-3 times a year and that's how they stay so healthy!"

"Over in Germany, they use nuclear energy for most of their power needs and they're doing quite well!"

"Have you seen that over in Japan, they just made a robot that can play the violin!? And did you know they're almost done with a robot that's outsmarting its creator? They'll be taking over the world soon enough! Is that cool or what?!? Go Japan!"

Ok, well that last one was almost all a joke (ha ha, I know.)

But anyway, it's so true! People here are always talking about the developments in other countries and how great they are. But what about us? Do people over in China ever talk about us? How about Europe?

Sure, I know (from an inside source) that the Asians love talking about our overweight population. Well I think that the sad truth about that is that Americans are exposed to much more food than people in China and stuff. We eat more than rice because we can. We have options and a smaller population density. I bet that if we let all of the people in China come to America and give them money to eat on, the national percentage of body weight/ mass would dramatically increase. Ha!

Ok, enough about that.

Anyway, WE are the ones who had the first telephone. It was invented here. First radio broadcast of voice and music, first successful Television demonstration, first tape recorder, etc.

Going back through some inventions, we've invented things such as Benjamin Franklin's first ocean current map, the first cotton gin (yes, the plans were stolen from Britain lol), milling machine, electric doorbell, reaping machine, telegraph, the wrench, the revolver, condensed milk, BASEBALL, the potato chip, the inverted microscope, the clothespin, rolled toilet paper lol, burglar alarm, can opener, modern oil well drill, modern water tower, postcard, four wheeled roller skates, breakfast cereal, motorcycle, barbed wire, paperclips, tape measurer, vaccum cleaner, paper bag, clothes hanger, fire hydrant, hand mixer, cream cheese, a diner, jeans, earmuffs, electric dental drills, airbrush, dishwasher, COCA- COLA!!! The list goes on! And after researching this stuff, I really appreciate the creative people who invented it all! They really have molded life as we know it!
The list goes on, I stopped at about 1890. Here's the rest of it:

Yes, I understand that over in China and Europe, they don't say "Hey! Did you know that those smart Americans over there in America invented rolled toilet paper?!?!?" but I don't think they appreciate us enough!! I mean, where would we be without cream cheese, roller skates, and paperclips?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh, the Woes of Going Back to School....

Above is the link to see some of the photos we took in Louisville!

Everytime I try to watch something on TV, a 'back to school' commercial comes on and ruins my mood. It does not feel like it's time!! I didn't go to summer insanity, I haven't been school shopping, and I haven't started getting anything together!! I am going to be an unprepared wreck on Friday!! Lol, well maybe not a wreck!

I do think it's pretty cool how they're going to let the freshies come and try to run through our schedules on the 14th. It will give me a chance to get to know where everything is and where I'm going. And what I need to get... which is probably just some paper and a few binders really. Oh, and I didn't read my summer reading requirements so I need to go look at some notes or something!!

I really really really really really really DON'T want summer to be over!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Red and Green Don't Go Together Unless it's December!

Seeing as I'm in Louisville right now, I'm going to miss summer insanity. Oh darn. I guess that menas I'll be taking the locker leftovers whenever I get back. My creepy mentor with the black nails and strange beret called me this morning and left me an out-of-character cheery message, telling me to meet her at the commons at a certain time or something. I then had to break the news that her favorite freshman (aka me, indicated by the x's for death eyes she drew on  only my nametag bear) would not be there to meet her at the commons. Oh well!!
 It's been a lot of fun up here this week! We got our nails done yesterday, and of course, I chose the two brightest colors I could find- bright lime green and really bright peachy-red. The Asian guy (JIM!!) who did my nails tried to make small talk which ended up being more like...
Jim- lijfhoeruhgpg
 Me- What??

It was pretty funnny because I think he gave up trying to communicate with me. I have problems talking to people with really bad accents!! Especially Asians!

So when he finally finished my nails, I went over to the blue drying light thing. After about 5 seconds, another old lady came and sat next to me. She took one look at my crazy youthful blinding shining nails and did a double take.

"Oh" she smiled, "Chirstmas colors! Nice!"

Ugh. I looked down and realized that yes, I did end up picking green and red. But it's more like a tropical Christmas I guess because I got lime green and bright red. It was then that I made a mental note-

 Red and green don't go together that well unless it's December. Darn it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Interesting Post of Advice #1

Ok, so here I am, stepping out into the world of advice. This time I'm doing it on a common and annoying issue. Enjoy!
"Finding Mr. Right"
Because two wrongs don't make a right.

People are so worried about finding the guy. But the truth is, most of the people worrying shouldn't be. Mr. Right isn't always who you want him to be. There will always be flaws in him that you might have to overlook for him to be 'the one'.  You don't want Mr. Wrong, but you always get stuck with him a few times.
On a whim, I have put together this post based on relationships I've seen and kind of been in/ experienced. So have fun!

1) Mr. Right isn't always going to be Mr. Perfect.
Women are so hung up on the idea of Mr. Right. He's going to be Mr. Good Looking, Mr. Well Mannered, Mr. I Love Dogs, Mr. WHATEVER. There probably isn't a person out there who is going to fit all of your criteria and have no flaws. You have to be open to finding a great guy who could be the one BUT forgets to put the cap on the toothpaste every once in a while. I don't know.  So:
Lesson 1: Be Open and Ready to Accept
2) <3 Urself
Because how can you find 'love' if you don't even know what it is?? You need to live your life to the fullest. If you're living your life waiting for Mr. Right to come along and fix it, you're in big trouble. If you live your life without a gap, one day when you think that your amazing life just couldn't get any better, 'the one' will come along and just rock your world and make it even more amazing!!
Lesson 2:  Love Yourself, Sista
3) List Time!
Yeah, that's right. I said make a list. It's good to have a list down of all of the traits you want in a guy BEFORE you start dating someone. If you try to make it while you're seeing someone, you will skip around some things that that guy doesn't exactly measure up to and mold the list so that it seems HE is 'the one'. NO. You must make it while you are single. Write down the list when you have time. It has no limit and you can add onto it whenever you want.
For example....
Mr. Right
God- centered, humble, able to plan and execute his plan, have good ethics, romantic, spontaneous, hospitable, on time, well mannered, very good personal hygeine, intelligent, loves animals, adventurous, open minded, emotionally mature, great sense of humor, no alcohol/ drugs, good listener, adaptable, financially stable, independent, capable of unconditionally love, likes to travel, loves nature, respectful, honest, loyal, trustworthy, self confident, priorities in order, common interests, no hot temper, supportive, outgoing, encouraging, perceptive, realistic, organized, common goals, clean, generous, hardworking, respects my freedom, positive attitude, considerate, caring, loving, etc.
Now, I know I said above that you have to acceot people for their flaws. But remember this, NEVER LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. It only disappoints you in the end. Also, don't just date to be dating. Anyone can pick up a rock off the street and call it theirs. It takes patience and persistence to find a gem.
 (So if you didn't get that analogy, hopefully you won't be dating someone for a while) Anyway, take that and use it. I know that for most of the peolpe who read this, we don't even really need to bother with thinking about finding Mr. Right. But whatever. For future reference then!!
So I hoped you enjoyed my little advice column there. If you didn't get anything out of it, hopefully it was amusing in some way!! I actually had fun writing it so maybe I'll make advice a wekly event!