Saturday, August 22, 2009

Farragut Football!!!

So, I went to the game tonight! We beat the other team by about 20 points and every one was crazy excited because it was the first real normal game of the season. For the seniors, it was Toga Night. I was surprised at the creativity of some people. And then there were the guys who wore some sort of material that looked like skirts and of course, they had no shirts on. Even though the togas were cool, I saw that some guys just used it as an excuse to walk around and show off their 6 packs and hard core abs or whatever. (not that I minded lol)
After the game was a dance or something for freshmen but the seniors and a few juniors came in to help make it crazier. Some people really surprised me with their dancing skills! (haha Caleb) They gave out a bunch of prizes- usually $20 gift cards- throughout the dance. Though the party/thing was weird yet crazy and very interesting, I still had a lot of fun!


  1. lol. some of those guys had killer 6 packs. some guys need to go shirtless more often :)


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