Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Interesting Post of Advice #1

Ok, so here I am, stepping out into the world of advice. This time I'm doing it on a common and annoying issue. Enjoy!
"Finding Mr. Right"
Because two wrongs don't make a right.

People are so worried about finding the guy. But the truth is, most of the people worrying shouldn't be. Mr. Right isn't always who you want him to be. There will always be flaws in him that you might have to overlook for him to be 'the one'.  You don't want Mr. Wrong, but you always get stuck with him a few times.
On a whim, I have put together this post based on relationships I've seen and kind of been in/ experienced. So have fun!

1) Mr. Right isn't always going to be Mr. Perfect.
Women are so hung up on the idea of Mr. Right. He's going to be Mr. Good Looking, Mr. Well Mannered, Mr. I Love Dogs, Mr. WHATEVER. There probably isn't a person out there who is going to fit all of your criteria and have no flaws. You have to be open to finding a great guy who could be the one BUT forgets to put the cap on the toothpaste every once in a while. I don't know.  So:
Lesson 1: Be Open and Ready to Accept
2) <3 Urself
Because how can you find 'love' if you don't even know what it is?? You need to live your life to the fullest. If you're living your life waiting for Mr. Right to come along and fix it, you're in big trouble. If you live your life without a gap, one day when you think that your amazing life just couldn't get any better, 'the one' will come along and just rock your world and make it even more amazing!!
Lesson 2:  Love Yourself, Sista
3) List Time!
Yeah, that's right. I said make a list. It's good to have a list down of all of the traits you want in a guy BEFORE you start dating someone. If you try to make it while you're seeing someone, you will skip around some things that that guy doesn't exactly measure up to and mold the list so that it seems HE is 'the one'. NO. You must make it while you are single. Write down the list when you have time. It has no limit and you can add onto it whenever you want.
For example....
Mr. Right
God- centered, humble, able to plan and execute his plan, have good ethics, romantic, spontaneous, hospitable, on time, well mannered, very good personal hygeine, intelligent, loves animals, adventurous, open minded, emotionally mature, great sense of humor, no alcohol/ drugs, good listener, adaptable, financially stable, independent, capable of unconditionally love, likes to travel, loves nature, respectful, honest, loyal, trustworthy, self confident, priorities in order, common interests, no hot temper, supportive, outgoing, encouraging, perceptive, realistic, organized, common goals, clean, generous, hardworking, respects my freedom, positive attitude, considerate, caring, loving, etc.
Now, I know I said above that you have to acceot people for their flaws. But remember this, NEVER LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. It only disappoints you in the end. Also, don't just date to be dating. Anyone can pick up a rock off the street and call it theirs. It takes patience and persistence to find a gem.
 (So if you didn't get that analogy, hopefully you won't be dating someone for a while) Anyway, take that and use it. I know that for most of the peolpe who read this, we don't even really need to bother with thinking about finding Mr. Right. But whatever. For future reference then!!
So I hoped you enjoyed my little advice column there. If you didn't get anything out of it, hopefully it was amusing in some way!! I actually had fun writing it so maybe I'll make advice a wekly event!


  1. i disagree, i don't think people should make lists...that's what gets them in trouble

    however i do think that people truly fall in love when they least expect it and when they aren't looking for love

    anyway, great post! keep it up :)

  2. geeze o old are u again?
    I think u hit the nail on the head there, it sounds like something a professional/psychologist would say! Keep up the adivce!
    I think i should start listening to you instead of me!

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