Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh, the Woes of Going Back to School....

Above is the link to see some of the photos we took in Louisville!

Everytime I try to watch something on TV, a 'back to school' commercial comes on and ruins my mood. It does not feel like it's time!! I didn't go to summer insanity, I haven't been school shopping, and I haven't started getting anything together!! I am going to be an unprepared wreck on Friday!! Lol, well maybe not a wreck!

I do think it's pretty cool how they're going to let the freshies come and try to run through our schedules on the 14th. It will give me a chance to get to know where everything is and where I'm going. And what I need to get... which is probably just some paper and a few binders really. Oh, and I didn't read my summer reading requirements so I need to go look at some notes or something!!

I really really really really really really DON'T want summer to be over!!!


  1. lol farragut people (unfortunately i'll be saying that from now on since i'm a hva-er now, sad) are getting a mock day too on the 14th?

    watch me miss the bus on friday at 7:40 when the bus comes to pick me up for hva....there is no way i'm waking up at 6:30 anytime soon...

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