Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Foot in the Door

Ok, the second day is over. Well more like the first day because yesterday was only a half day... It was better and, as I figured I would, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than Monday.

So I need to go buy an umbrella or something so I won't get drenched from when I have to walk to and from the vocational building. I really don't mind the walk, but if it rains, I sure will. Still not liking the class schedule. I hate sitting in math for an hour and a half. But since it's in the morning, I do like getting it over with for the day. Though she is already giving us a quiz tomorrow...

My lunch is last (1:20!!!) but my v.c. teacher said that we can have food in her class and even start eating our lunches in that class since it's so long- cool. I love it! I do like having a really empty cafeteria though, so 4th lunch isn't that bad.

The bus (lame, yes) is crazily crowded this year so besides being able to barely breathe, I love being with my 8th grade friends!! Lol...

So yeah... I'm out of random stuff to tell you guys about. How was your first full day?


  1. Well as soon as i experience my first full day (yes i do start on Monday aug 24) i will let you know!

  2. sweet! haha im glad my first day and stuff is over with!

  3. i was okay. still not my most favorite thing. i do agree with you: middle school was better. but i like the freedom we have in high school. texting in the hallways, lunch, and during assemblies will be soooo nice: once i get a cell phone that is...

  4. yes, texting in the hallways is amazing!! and the freedom isnice too lol

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