Thursday, August 13, 2009

Over in Loompa Land...

I am running out of new things to ramble about, so I'm taking a swipe at American history. I promise I will have new stuff once school starts guys!!

Have you ever thought about how us Americans are always referring to how much more advanced other countries are than us?

For example, you hear people saying all the time stuff like...

"Yeah well you know, over in China, they use their really developed ancient medicine and the herbs work better than the stuff we're throwing together!"


"Well, over in Europe, they detox themselves 2-3 times a year and that's how they stay so healthy!"

"Over in Germany, they use nuclear energy for most of their power needs and they're doing quite well!"

"Have you seen that over in Japan, they just made a robot that can play the violin!? And did you know they're almost done with a robot that's outsmarting its creator? They'll be taking over the world soon enough! Is that cool or what?!? Go Japan!"

Ok, well that last one was almost all a joke (ha ha, I know.)

But anyway, it's so true! People here are always talking about the developments in other countries and how great they are. But what about us? Do people over in China ever talk about us? How about Europe?

Sure, I know (from an inside source) that the Asians love talking about our overweight population. Well I think that the sad truth about that is that Americans are exposed to much more food than people in China and stuff. We eat more than rice because we can. We have options and a smaller population density. I bet that if we let all of the people in China come to America and give them money to eat on, the national percentage of body weight/ mass would dramatically increase. Ha!

Ok, enough about that.

Anyway, WE are the ones who had the first telephone. It was invented here. First radio broadcast of voice and music, first successful Television demonstration, first tape recorder, etc.

Going back through some inventions, we've invented things such as Benjamin Franklin's first ocean current map, the first cotton gin (yes, the plans were stolen from Britain lol), milling machine, electric doorbell, reaping machine, telegraph, the wrench, the revolver, condensed milk, BASEBALL, the potato chip, the inverted microscope, the clothespin, rolled toilet paper lol, burglar alarm, can opener, modern oil well drill, modern water tower, postcard, four wheeled roller skates, breakfast cereal, motorcycle, barbed wire, paperclips, tape measurer, vaccum cleaner, paper bag, clothes hanger, fire hydrant, hand mixer, cream cheese, a diner, jeans, earmuffs, electric dental drills, airbrush, dishwasher, COCA- COLA!!! The list goes on! And after researching this stuff, I really appreciate the creative people who invented it all! They really have molded life as we know it!
The list goes on, I stopped at about 1890. Here's the rest of it:

Yes, I understand that over in China and Europe, they don't say "Hey! Did you know that those smart Americans over there in America invented rolled toilet paper?!?!?" but I don't think they appreciate us enough!! I mean, where would we be without cream cheese, roller skates, and paperclips?


  1. Yes we do kinda have aoverweight poupulation. But what about chinas sumo wreslers. Doesent sumo mean as big as simi truck.

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