Friday, August 7, 2009

Red and Green Don't Go Together Unless it's December!

Seeing as I'm in Louisville right now, I'm going to miss summer insanity. Oh darn. I guess that menas I'll be taking the locker leftovers whenever I get back. My creepy mentor with the black nails and strange beret called me this morning and left me an out-of-character cheery message, telling me to meet her at the commons at a certain time or something. I then had to break the news that her favorite freshman (aka me, indicated by the x's for death eyes she drew on  only my nametag bear) would not be there to meet her at the commons. Oh well!!
 It's been a lot of fun up here this week! We got our nails done yesterday, and of course, I chose the two brightest colors I could find- bright lime green and really bright peachy-red. The Asian guy (JIM!!) who did my nails tried to make small talk which ended up being more like...
Jim- lijfhoeruhgpg
 Me- What??

It was pretty funnny because I think he gave up trying to communicate with me. I have problems talking to people with really bad accents!! Especially Asians!

So when he finally finished my nails, I went over to the blue drying light thing. After about 5 seconds, another old lady came and sat next to me. She took one look at my crazy youthful blinding shining nails and did a double take.

"Oh" she smiled, "Chirstmas colors! Nice!"

Ugh. I looked down and realized that yes, I did end up picking green and red. But it's more like a tropical Christmas I guess because I got lime green and bright red. It was then that I made a mental note-

 Red and green don't go together that well unless it's December. Darn it.