Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Totally Random Thursday #1

Apparently, the above billboard has been put up all over Florida to inspire people to go vegetarian. It is creative and funny at the same time! Because, as I have said before, Americans are overweight! (Especially in Florida...) However, I personally would probably die if I ever stopped eating meat. I love it. And yes, I also love cows, chickens, and cute little piggies as animals. I do feel sad sometimes when I see them in the back of the semi trucks headed toward the slaughter-house. :'( I feel very sad. But though I do show sympathy for the poor little animals, I also recognize the fact that the circle of life (thank you Simba) goes on. And on. And on and on and on. But we do have to eat something with sufficient protein to function as a human race and therefore, we eat meat. Sorry Wilbur.

Today I also saw an article about how teens are texting too much. The over-analytical scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and people all got together and decided to over-think texting. They came up with results such as "teens are texting so much their thumbs ache, leading to early arthritis". Here's some of the article...

"The Times story goes on to quote a series of physicians and psychologists, who tick off a list of possible physical and mental health effects from the constant flow of text messages—for example, sleep deprivation as teens fire off SMS replies late at night, "terrific anxiety" over the fear of "being out the loop," and even repetitive-stress injuries as thumbs fly across the keypads."

Terrific anxiety? Over the fear of being 'out of the loop'?? Stress injuries in your thumbs??

Ok, so sleep deprivation I have seen. And been a part of. But just during the summer and because I was talking to certain people at 1 in the morning does not mean that I have mental problems or am an addict. I have NEVER heard of 'sore thumbs'. Or terrific anxiety, for that matter. Texting is fun and an easy way to keep up with people. Someone also pointed out that you reveal more personal things about yourself while texting someone than you actually would during a face to face conversation. Which I also agree with. They even went as far to say that people are becoming shut ins because they have no personal contact with their friends. Ok then... let them think that.

Oh and on Sunday! My mom and I were driving home from Wally World when we get this frantic phone call from my little brother. He was crying hysterically, sobbing uncontrollably. Once Mom got him calmed down a little bit, he said that he went out to get Smokey (our little cockatiel) to play with him and the garage door was open. His wings weren't clipped and he got out and flew away. Sam followed him around the house, from tree to tree for 10 minutes before losing sight of him. We got home and calmed him down again and then tried looking for him ourselves. I knew from the start we would never find him. He was gone. We tried putting Peaches out in their cage so he would hear her. My mom even started whistling for him. I gave up and went over to talk to the neighbors. Then I heard him. And again. Surprisingly, we found him!!! He was sitting in our neighbor's tree/bush looking at like "Aww man. Is my burst of freedom really over??"

Yes, it was.

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