Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Freshies

The thing that I hate about being a freshman is the constant buzz of degrading remarks releating to the unaviodable fact of me being in 9th grade. What makes them so high and mighty?? I heard things like "Oh my God. Look at all of these stupid freshmen." and "Look at the little freshman.. they think they're so cool-hahahahaha". First of all, the fact that they are generalizing me is so annoying. Gosh! Why are they are just so full of it? But the stupidity of the upper classmen doesn't really get to me at all! I just wish they would be more open and less arrogant.

Anyway, my first day wasn't that great... It was alright. High school is just alright. Not amazing like every one says and builds it up to be. I barely have a class with any of my friends. And I just feel left out. The halls are annoyingly crowded. Did I mention I feel lonely?

I can usually adjust to change and stuff really easily! It's just that for once, I got hit. High school slapped me in the face! I need to get used to it but it's just weird.

Anyway, it's only the first day. As of now, I liked middle school better. It was easier, more friendly, and comfortable. And it really seemed like I had more friends... Please, people of the world, talk to me. I really need someone right now. So I guess that I really need to stop being a pre judger because it was only the first day! A half day at that. Maybe I'll end up loving it! But today was not great.


  1. My sister starts her first day of high school tomorrow, I keep reassuring her every things gonna be ok, just dont get sucked into the wrong groups! High school will be fun, keep a positive outlook! you'll meet new people in no time (plus its a chance to make new friends!)

  2. I agree....High School can be a lonely place. but you will find a good group of friends and it will all work out some how! Just keep your head up!

  3. i'm your friend! and i have a class with you! luv you. my first day wasn't the best either. but i guess it helps that i know a lot of upper classmen. ;)