Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Blog? And A Request to my Readers!!

If someone asks what my are hobbies, I usually say theatre, basketball, (other stuff) and blogging.

Blogging? What's that? It's a hobby?

Of course, I consider it a hobby. I pour my heart and thoughts and everything into my interesting little posts. And apparently you love it (or at least tolerate it) because you took the time out of your day to come and check for new posts! And I love it that you love it! The thing that really makes me happy is when I come back before writing a new post and see that someone has commented on my prior post. PLEAAASE COMMENT!!! I love reading reactions and comments- it lets me know that other people actually understand my points, what I'm going through, and what I'm saying!!

So in relation to the comments (which you all need to do more often lol)- If you feel like it, take a few seconds to comment on this post telling me why you even bother to read my constant rambling. Sometimes it really just feels like I'm talking and giving advice to no one!!! Seriously! It's like I'm on a deserted island and I'm just shouting out over the ocean but no one can hear me. In the ocean, being the vast internet, my blog is just a little island of paradise that is very small, so nobody sees it but you readers!! So I am begging you to comment on everything you have time for!!

ANYWAY,  the little freshman test drive on Friday was cool. I have some (seemingly) good teachers and I found out that visual communications is everything I love! It's basically a class on PHOTOSHOP!!! How cool is that?!?

And Landon got a car on Saturday!! WOOT WOOT!! At the beginning of the summer, he set the goal that he would have a car by the end up the summer. And he reached it 2 days before school started! I am so happy for him and almost inspired by his will-power and committment to working and saving all of that money. Congrats bro! It's a '96 Honda Passport, in case you were wondering. OK SO DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT!!!
Aww his first cars!! Yes, that's him on his little yellow car as a baby!!


  1. Tell Landon I said congrats!!! and I'm glad he reached his goal (and can fit into his car.....but possibly leave that part out :-) )
    I miss you!

  2. tell him congrats. the first car is always the first of many. i love reading your blogs, but sometimes i dont feel like posting a comment. i will now try to comment often. but you have to promise to dido on MY blog... ;)

  3. congratulate to tell him. It is really wonderful information. I love car.
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