Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Glimpse of Kindess

Don't Forget the Lyrics!! Have you ever seen this show? The host is really annoying but otherwise, it's alright. We played this game at church last night. The three songs were.....

You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
September- Earth, Wind, and Fire
and a Mystery Song!! which was a song from the old show we all used to watch... VEGGIE TALES!!!

Ben (our game guy) chose 3 people from the audience and 2 of them won. It was quite entertaining.

So I haven't been up to much. School is going well... but not much new. We're doing the annual can drive for 2nd Harvest VERSUS Bearden. And I really hope we win this year because then we'd be able to beat them in Football AND fundraisers. All the way across the board... GO ADMIRALS!!! My homeroom alone has raised 468 cans so far.

 In my effort to make a difference and help people out this fall, I printed off 50 fliers for the can drive telling the people of my neighborhood to leave the cans by their mailbox for pick up last Sunday. After driving around the neighborhood at different times, we only found one lonely bag of cans. ONE out of fifty. I think this really goes to show something for this world. Now, of course I know that some people probably forgot completely- and that's ok. But that one family chose to make time for others and put 6 cans out at the end of their driveway to help out people much less fortunate than them. And I think that is the coolest thing.


  1. that really is awesome. i cant believe that only one person put cans out.

  2. I know!! i think that going door to door really helps though because people see who you are and are forced to give you the cans immeadiately. in 7th grade, i went around with a wagon and got 45!!

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