Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

For two weeks I am taking care of Shep again. (Hello Benjamin Franklin. Long time, no see) Usually nothing particularly interesting happens, besides Shep being a stubborn dog and not going inside, which makes me end up dragging her in. You'd think she'd learn.

Every three days, I have to put a chlorine tablet in the pool.

 Which means opening this filter

 and dropping in a big hunk of solidified chlorine.

This time when I opened it, I was confronted with an extremely nasty smell and a dead blob floating in the water. After a lot of trying to extract the frog with a stick, I finally succeeded. The smell was even worse and the frog had been in the water so long that his skin was peeling off and just floating around him. His toungue hung out of his mouth in the form of a white blob.
I put him back down onto the crime scene and started putting up my yellow tape. It was time for the investigation to begin.
 I then looked over the edge of the pool and found another dead floating amphibian right near the skimmer door. I fished him out with the net and laid him out next to his deceased kindred. Next, I used the stick to expertly get the basket out of the skimmer. It was then that I found the third victim.
I looked at all three frogs. All of their skin was peeling or had already peeled off, one of them was oozing brown guts, and they all looked to be about the same size.

Oh yeah, and they were all dead.

I suspected no foul play, simply a midnight shenanigan gone horribly wrong. Or they were tired of what their simple lives had to offer. I packed up my yellow tape, disposed of the bodies, and left.

Time of Death: Monday, September 21, 2009. 3:27:13 am
Cause of Death: Suicide

Apparently, it really isn't easy being green.
All I'm saying is, Kermit tried to warn us.


  1. poor poor frogs. but personally i think i would hav stopped after seeing the floating skin. i would have called some one else to do that nasty invesigation. but that is just me...

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