Friday, September 4, 2009

Pass the Morphine

Today as I logged onto Facebook, I saw a new one of their improvements had been advertised, again. They created a widget to go on the side of blogs and other websites so that people who view sites like this have the oppurtunity to look at my status and profile picture without ever leaving my blog!! It's on the bottom left.

So check it out if you want. They call them Facebook Badges. Free advertising for Facebook, more of me to you, more Facebook for me. This is definitely a mutualism.

This weekend my grandparents are coming down. My grandpa is about to have surgery on his eye. Apparently it's cancer, but not life threatening. Keep him in your prayers anyway!!

I hate surgeries. Whether is be me (which has not happened yet) or someone else, I always mentally cringe at the thought of going under in pain and coming out with even more pain than you started with, because someone has taken a knife or something and cut you open, then sealed you back up. I can watch surgeries and stuff, because it's not the blood or guts that bother me. It's the concept and the sharp utensils. And I really feel bad for those people who wake up in the middle of surgery and feel the immense pain but cannot do anything. I also feel really, really bad for the people who go under and the doctors made a mistake.

"Umm, wait, I thought I was supposed to lose my right leg?"
"Oh, my bad! Well we'll take that one off as well I suppose. Sorry about that."

Surprisingly enough, it happens!

Why haven't I had a surgery? Well, due to the fact that I like to play it safe so that I can stay as far away from the doctor as long as I possibly can, I have never broken any major bones or had any stitches. Nothing. Broken toes don't need repair. They just swell up and grow back in all twisted and gnarly. So I am pretty sure that the first surgery I am going to have to sadly endure is the painful one of the removal of my wisdom teeth. I went to the dentist last week and saw an x-ray of my teeth. The dental hygeinist was showing me how my wisdom teeth on both sides were growing in such a way ---> / \ that I will have to have them removed, just like 82% of the population. If I don't, they eventually lead to crowding, pressure, gum problems, sores, absesses, blah blah blah. I am dreading the day. You guys know how freaked out I get around needles!! (see prior post) Just wait and see: I'll end up passing out on the table from stress and cardiac arrest as soon as they pick up the needle. Then they can just put it in, knock me out completely, and numb it. Please pass the morphine.

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