Saturday, September 26, 2009

Runs in the Family

As you know, I have a very mild case of trypanophobia.*** Does anyone remember what this means? The fear of needles of course. Well, today was...

An annual event hosted by the Knoxville News Sentinel to raise money for the Empty Stocking Fund and vaccinate people in the Knoxville area.

So I think it's a really great idea that they are giving out flu shots. Not only are they saving people about $20 apiece, but they are also getting money to put towards "making the holidays brighter" for people in the city.

I have absolutely no problem with the flu shot. It doesn't hurt at all and the people are really fast. The only downside is that for a few days after the shot, your arm will be a little sore, but other than that, it's absolutely fine.
Anyway, this post isn't about me or the little fear of being stabbed with a metal syringe. No, this is about my little brother.

Every year, Sam totally FREAKS OUT (much to my humor) when we have to go get flu shots. It's about a fifteen to twenty minute wait, and with each corner we turn in the makeshift line maze constructed from our lunch tables, he gets more and more upset.

The suspense is what kills him. He stands there watching other people get stabbed and injected. Clean, stab, inject, remove. Clean, stab, inject, remove. Over and over and over. He starts to tear up about ten minutes into the wait. As we stood there I said,

"Hey look at that kid. He's probably 5 and he's not crying."

To which he replied:

"He has a sucker. That's why."


When we got to the end of the wait, he was almost shaking. When a nurse was free, I dragged him over with me and made him watch me first.

Me: "See? It doesn't hurt at all."

I pushed him towards the nurse and she asked him if he was allergic to eggs.

Sam: "Noo..."

He was red faced from crying and kind of swaying.

Nurse: "Do you feel dizzy?"

Sam: "No..."

Nurse: "Why don't you sit down?"

Sam: "No. I want to stand."

Nurse: "Please sit down."

Me: "Sam, sit down."

So he did. Clean, stab, inject, remove, and he was done.

"Did it hurt?"


He basically just had an anxiety attack. And a  smile and a sucker later, he was completely fine. The 15th annual Free Flu Shot Saturday was a success. As in, no visits to the ER, and we all survived.

***May I also add that I did not even flinch when I was stabbed. Pretty amazing huh?


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