Saturday, October 10, 2009

And Then We Sent Them Doggies Whimpering All the Way Home...

We beat Bearden. 42-17. Take that you annoying-mother-bulldog-woman-who-works-at-the-eye-doctor -and-made-fun-of-me. Take it!! FARRAGUT DOMINATES!!!

 So I didn't end up going to either games because of the uninviting weather. Instead, I have spent the past few days looking at the world in a whole different manner. Apparently, my vision was 20x50, which means that I am sadly pretty nearsighted. On Friday, the glasses came in. I love being able to see, but I really hate wearing them. Mom and Sam say I look good in them, but I don't think so.. So sorry, but you won't be seeing me at school in those things. I just don't want all of the comments or to draw uninvited attention to myself (wow, I sound like a shut-in haha). Just stuff like people stating the obvious such as... "Wow, you got glasses!" "Did you have those before?" "I've never seen you in glasses!" would all get old.
  I would much rather have some contacts, but my mom doesn't really want to get them for me. She's trying to sway me away by telling me how irritating they would be, not to mention expensive, and all this stuff, but I would much rather deal with them than have to keep the frames on. They get annoying after a while and kind of impair my depth perception when I'm walking because I always end up looking below the frames when I'm walking, and then when I look back up, I feel like I am thrown off balance.
 It is sooo different being able to see the individual leaves on the trees and the blades of grass. And I can read small type from farther away and license plates and signs. It really is crazy to see all of the random stuff I've been 'missing out' on.

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