Thursday, October 8, 2009

And to Whom Do We Owe this Honor?? Tyler Crone, Come on Down!!!!!

As you may have heard, (well duh, of course you have) 3 seniors on our footall team went across town to our best friends Bearden and did some rivalry vandalism in the spirit of the game tomorrow. Which of course is usually ok.... when is doesn't cost $6,000 to repair!!! Here's an excerpt from the big article.

"The damage to Bearden High School in West Knoxville was done with spray paint, motor oil, glue, and even bleach on the football field itself.

"There was damage to our memorial garden, to our press box, to some of our athletic facilities underneath the stadium, to the back of the school," Bartlett said.
The principal of Farragut High School apologized for the incident. "Dr Bartlett as well as I intend on putting an end to this kind of stuff," said Farragut High School Principal Michael Reynolds.

Cleanup began Thursday morning. Repairing the field could include new sod. Early estimates of damage are $5,000 to $6,000, money the school principals say could be better spent on something positive."

Here is the full article link that includes some pictures-

So here is my opinion:

1) It was an absolutely uncalled for, idiotic act that obviously did some damage to our standards of integrity and those boys' permanent records

2) The memorial garden?? Seriously?? That is the one place that should be completely off limits and yet these guys took a truck and drove through it, as well as tagged some of the memorial stones with paint.

3) Inappropriate images were painted in the stadium itself that were just...

4) Some of the enraged Bearden students are pointing their grubby fingers at ALL of us @ Farragut and calling us the old generalization (that Farragut kids are stuck up spoiled brats)

5) The guys painted their own numbers on a wall at the stadium. Can you get any more stupid than that?

6) Yes. They went and bought 50 cans of spray paint at the Wal Mart across the street. Way to go guys.

So congratulations Tyler Crone and your lovely assistants. You win the Farragut High School IDIOT OF THE YEAR AWARD!! And chances are that he's going to apologize all the live long day about this, but what good will it do? He's going to serve time in jail, get suspended from school, get kicked off the football team, have to pay for his damage, and say goodbye to his football scholarship. Good one!

I am going to the Bearden game tomorrow, and hopefully I don't get murdered. But I'll have Gloria to protect me. Hahahaha... :) You should come with us!!


  1. It's disappointing that a self absorbed attention-whore can post anything on the internet whether or not it's true and feel OK about it because they're a Christian. Thanks for the post, but you have your facts wrong. Wait another week or two and see what else the police come up with...

  2. you may be one of the smartest people i know...
    first of all tyler crone was the only one of the three young men who played football. secondly, they did not paint tyler crones number on the stadium...they painted the number of davis tull(injured bearden football player, 87) on the stadium. thirdly, tyler was a back up defensive end behind gabe white (99) and greg grieco (51). He never saw any playing time, so i have no clue what "football scholarship" you are talking about. and Forthly, all three young men are coming back to farragut high school in january and all felony and misdemeanor charges have been dropped. So please Ms. Savannah, before you get on here and slader these young men, whom none are from a wealthy family, state the facts.

    In my own oppinion Ms. Savannah Lucas should be rewarded with the BIGGEST IDIOT OF THE YEAR AWARD.


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