Friday, October 2, 2009


Ok, so I didn't actually go to the dance. I didn't want to. Actually going to the dance requires so much extra time and energy- you have to go find a dress (and cross your fingers that no one else shows up in the same one you do), get the shoes, fix the hair, deal with the cold, having the limited pleasure of going with friends and not a date, and having to deal with everything a dance brings along. I'm not a big dancer. I just don't find it fun to jump around in a huge group of people and sing along to the songs. Then you have to watch all of the 'couples' dance, hang all over eachother, gaze into each other's eyes like the world has stopped for them, not to mention those who just stand around (well more like sit in the corners) and make out. I just do not see why everyone gets so excited about homecoming! Prom, maybe. I do love seeing all of the sweet ways that the guys have asked some of the girls this year. So cute.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not just sitting here sulking about not going. I'm not a complete shut in. I went to the game... but none of my friends were there (who said they would be) and I sat alone in the cold, with my toes going numb because I was too lazy to run upstairs and get some socks for my tennis shoes. So that was a bummer.

Oh! And my wonderful experience at the eye doctor:

Yesterday I had an eye appointment. Just a check up. The nurse/ lady was talking to me in a very belittling manner and I was getting fed up with her. First of all, she's a Bulldog with a son on the football team. So the Mama Dog (in Europe, also known as the bitch) was like making fun of me and laughing evilly with my oh-so-supportive and helpful father. So then she told me that the would probably have to dialate my eyes to get a good look inside and she said:

Witch- "Are you ok with that?"

Hmm... NO. I don't like anything put in my eyes that will make me cry whenever I see any light and give me a major headache.

Me- "Do I have the right to deny that?"

Evil One- "Yes. But your father has the right to override your denial."

Oh, she's good.

Me- "Farragut is going to beat Bearden."

Mama Dog- "We'll see about that."

Ughhh. I did NOT like this woman one bit. She had me inn a sour mood when the doctor came in, but he was everything she wasn't, so it was ok. Until SHE came back in to 'check' on me. Yeah right. So somehow we ended up talking about church and she said that her husband was going to the Westlake campus of my church. She said that she didn't go with him much because Phillip scares her. She also said this:

Her- "Well, I grew up in a Methodist church, and I just liked it better. I mean, when you miss a Sunday or two, you can tell that all of the people at the Baptist church look at you in a funny way. AND THEN there are the letters. They send you those postcards to remind you to get your butt back to church. It's just like they're invading you."

Me- "I like the Baptist churches better. And I like the postcards. They make me feel like they care."

Her- "Hmmphh. Well ok."

And with raised eyebrows and pouty lips, she retreated from the room, knowing the battle was lost. And me and my best friend Jesus have prevailed. Take that satan.*

And today Sam had an eye appointment. You know what she said to him?
"Wow, you certainly are not as difficult as your sister was!"

All I can say is YOU'RE DOGMEAT!!!!!!!

*OK I am SO overexaggerating some things. I do not think that the meanish nurse is evil or satan. I'm just saying that she wasn't too nice. But all of the dialog is 100% true.


  1. bahahaha that's HILARIOUS! Farragut is SO going to kick Bearden's butt for like the 10th year in a row :DDD

    and I'm sorry you had to sit in the cold alone at the homecoming game XP, you need to invite me next time so you won't be sulking all by yourself :P
    (like you, I see no point in buying a $100 dress and $80 shoes that I'll only wear once in my life because everyone knows you can't wear the same dress twice!)

    We need to go to the Bearden/Farragut game together this year! I am soo pumped! We need to figure out our schedules and meet up or even better, carpool together :DDD

  2. yes farragut is going to whoop some doggie hieny this friday. did you hear that they r moving the inschool pep rally to this friday! ?YEAH!

    i sorry that you didnt hav any friends at the game. i was there, given i had to be w/ the band, but i was there for the third and fourth quarters. i wanted to go the dance simply to have a dress, and i actually would hav had a date, had i been allowed to go. but i would not have enjoyed the grinding and other suggestive dancing that goes on there. thats when you go to the dance, make an appearance, and then bail to mcdonalds.

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